Wednesday, November 19, 2008


As I've mentioned somewhere earlier, I've bought NutriEdge to alternate their food. After some further readings, I've decided to change their regular food. That means apart from NutriEdge, I need another brand to alternate with (remember? they won't eat the same thing over and over again). So, I decided on Orijen. Went to Petsmore at Carrefour Kepong. and I didn't find Orijen, instead found Innova EVO. Bought 1 kg for RM29.00. That is not cheap!! I sure hope, these premium food helps in cutting down vet expenses.
Four days have passed, and I guess my cats are just smart or spoiled? They probably have learned that Innova EVO tastes better, so now they refuse to eat NutriEdge. It is somehow proven, they refuse to eat, and if 1 bowl is filled with NutriEdge and another filled with Innova EVO, they'd push each other over the bowl filled with Innova EVO and neglect the other. *sigh* NutriEdge is better than what they had been eating before...but why??? I guess only they know...To its worst end..I mixed both kibbles in their bowl...Only to be surprised as I observed, they would chew on NutriEdge and spit it out!!! They'd only swallow in Innova EVO.

To prove their point......
So another search I go, to finding another alternative for them. I found this group of nice, caring people, who feed their cats on Blackwood, and they can get supplies of the food for a good price... I hoped so hard to join them (It's good for my pocket), but most importantly I hope so much both Bulan and Bintang would accept Blackwood...Please Bulan, Please Bintang....I'm already giving you Innova alternately...Please eat on Blackwood also, k.....For a start, I bought 500gm of Blackwood for kitten from PetSafari for RM12.90.