Friday, December 11, 2009

BULAN's voice..

As BULAN was taken into the bathroom for his bath... I noticed that his voice sounded different. As usual, he would meow of refusal as he sensed that he was up for a bath, but today it sounded so different.. I'm so worried of this....

His usual meow/sound/voice is brief, sharp, clear, but today it was soft, slow and dragging... in demonstration it's suppose to sound like this.. 'meow! meow!' but today it sounded like this 'meeeeeoooorrrwwwwww'. Heh, just to give the idea.

I'm hoping that it's nothing, especially that he has been eating well, playing well, no watery eyes, no runny nose, nothing at a
ll, he appears perfectly healthy. He has been kinda quiet in the past week though, but I didn't think much of it. Because BULAN is in general usually quiet except for my morning wake up meow. He would meow at me (the brief, sharp, clear meow), in addition to his biting, so that I get up and get him his food. But MICHIKO has been doing that in the past week, so I thought BULAN probably figured that he didn't need to do that work anymore since MICHIKO is now representing them. It was only today that I realized BULAN' s meowing sounded different, then it occurred to me, could that be the reason why he hasn't been making my wake up meow and hence, MICHIKO covered the work for him.... errmm..

m still waiting for feedback, doing some reading, and googling to find out any explanation to this...

Oh I hope it's nothing. Haih... BULAN oh BULAN.

a random pic of BULAN