Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Mines Cat Show: BULAN

This was BULAN's first cat show. Not bad that he got a ranking. However, unlike what had been anticipated, I thought he'd be better compared to BINTANG, coz he's always more cheerful and less moody. But what I saw during the cat show, was not the usual BULAN. He was very timid, quiet, withdrawn, inactive....wasn't like him at all. But the moment we reached home, at the door of the house, he jumped down from me and tada! he became the actual BULAN.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Welcoming MICHIKO

After weeks of sorrow over the loss, it was decided that a new one shall be brought in. He came in on the 12th April 2009 and was nearly 2 months at the time. He's sweet looking and really friendly, he didn't even realize that he wasn't too welcomed by Bulan and Bintang, but he was sure quickly to be fond of them despite the growls they give him, it's like..... 'Oh, I think that growl is an invite for me to play with them, I'll jump on their back and see if I can ride on them.'

Saturday, April 4, 2009


18th March 2009 on a Wednesday is when she was sent in front of my door. She was found wandering around, and according to the person who sent her to me. She was seen around the area for a few consecutive days and has been found to wander around approximately in the past 1 month.

The hectic schedule I was going through at the time, really didn't allow me to take in a new cat. But there was this cat, in front of me, what could I do? She didn't look healthy to me...the ear, the smell, the wounds and of course flea...Took her to the vet and found her to have fever and to be underweight...

Cleared the ear, the flea, treat the wound...and then introduce her to Bulan & Bintang... It seemed to be trouble at first, but after 3 days..Bulan can be seen chasing her around, and Bintang can be seen licking her... Isn't that just so sweet...

UNFORTUNATELY...on the 28th of March, I came to learn of her owner.... I had waited for this moment a few days after she arrived at my house...But after over a week? that HURT. but considering how sad and worried the owner might be, I guess I had no choice but to return her.

On top of the sadness for having to let Sunshine go...It was heartbreaking to see Bulan & Bintang looking for her for the following few days...

A week passed after Sunshine has been returned, I decided to try and negotiate on getting her back... It was 8.00 pm on 3rd April, I cant describe how grateful I was when an agreement was reached and we would be meeting the owner at 10.00 pm to get her. Happily I got the carrier in my car, went for an appointment at 8.30 pm and planned to straight away go for Sunshine at 10.00 pm.

UNFORTUNATELY, my two hours of excitement ended up in the owner changed his mind. So here is to Sunshine
*This wasn't the best experience ever. and this is not the best time to be heart-broken. My tears are to drain off love that had been there for her. Wishing Sunshine the very best of her life. and my last note to the owner, if for any reason Sunshine is no longer wanted/needed due to illness or no longer needed for breeding...Please let me know. Thank you for offering your other cat and your kittens to come...but it's not the cat, it's the love for Sunshine.

Note: Sunshine is what I named her. She was named "Moon" a.k.a. Baby by the owner. What a coincidence to "Bulan". No wonder Sunshine (Moon) got along better with Bulan as compared to Bintang.