Sunday, March 28, 2010

an unexpected risk

Yesterday (Saturday), after I had just fed them wet-food, and sat outside (doing work that I'm suppose to be doing now too! =P), I heard a loud meow.  I knew it was BELLA.  I recognize her meowing.  Then wondered, on no! she's on heat?? I better find time to put in their appts for spaying or neutering.

Then she meowed again.  So I went in their room to see.  I saw BELLA hanging to the curtain tugging on it.  At the time she wasn't meowing.  Then BINTANG was also tugging on the curtain from above.  It looked like they were playing tug on the curtain (which was a usual in my opinion), but ALL the other cats were surrounding this scene as if they were audiences to a show (except for BULAN, he watched from above and afar).  So while these 2 were tugging,  I walked closer and BELLA meowed loudly looking at me, struggling and tugging the curtain.  As I got nearer, then only I could see, she was actually in pain, one of her claw was pulled out so long as she hung onto the curtain.  I immediately got hold of her, though at first she struggled, she then became calm and quiet and BINTANG too stopped tugging on the curtain.  turned out, BELLA was actually stuck, one of her claws was so sharp and curved in that she couldn't just pull it off. and because only 1 claw was stuck she couldn't actually just pull her whole body up and hang properly onto the curtain (which she usually would do without any difficulty).  I held onto her, checked any injury, luckily she was ok.  Walking and showed no signs of pain at all.  So relieved that I attended to them immediately and that I was around to help.  so safety measure?? and so I spent the next half hour, clipping their claws.

I've no pictures of the incident. but my first thought was..aiyyo, these naughty cats, and BINTANG, why do u have to fight with BELLA for the curtain, and later, she's a sweety, she was just trying to help BELLA.  amazing, aren't they.

a point to ponder: unexpected risk, what else could there be?.

This is the curtain mentioned with YUMIEKO the royal pincess as a model.

And this is how the curtain should look like (as compared to curtain in my living room), can u spot the difference?

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Home alone..

Not exactly home alone, it's the 9 of them with no adult supervision... erm..erm.. erm.... well, the story is I had to take a trip home, it was about 4 days... Yes, I had to think really, really hard. To send them for boarding? the cost for 9 is one thing, and I've never sent them for boarding before (except for SUNSHINE, that is, she went once, oh along with her 1 day kittens at the time).  To what extent would I be guaranteed that all of them will return safely in my hands? I dunno it's just when love has grown big, you become more sceptical of their welfare.  My other half used to be around, hence he would take over them, when I'm away.  but now we're no longer in the same town..huhuhu... options..

-stressful-cat fight-hurt-predispose to illness due to stress
-what if they got loose..and never found again
-what if they catch somekind of illness (viral) from the dish bowl, cage, that wasn't 101% disinfected
= NO

Cat Sitter coming over
-my house is a mess, with small2 valuable things here and there don't want to create any issues or conflicts la..

A random friend nearby
-none are cat lovers that I know of at least
-they can help, but since they're not used to it, they don't have that natural instict (or haven't developed the skills) to be careful with doors and windows. and they don't have the skills to think for cats...

so all that was a no, no, no.  I thought I was overthinking it all, but yeah whatever.  I though of it and I didn't want to take risk.  So I left them home, and told them to take care of themselves.  Which of course came with it's own risks.  But I think I trust them more.  hoping that all would be ok.

But as I left, on my way to the airport, only that I realized that I hadn't taken their collars! off! only BULAN and MICHIKO use the safety snatch collar, as for the rest.. gosh I hoped nothing happen, nothing had happened before, but when u think so much, this is what happens.  I left a set of keys with a friend, just in case I get disturbed with negative hunches. but she didn't need to use it.

So here are some pre-home alone pictures:
with stocks of food and water

their toilet.

this is them getting their paws into clumping litter, which they usually don't use.

them getting their spots.
(the toilet is usually closed, hence here they are enjoying getting cool on the tiles)

MICHIKO managed to get some privacy =P

and here are post-home alone pictures
the mess they made for me, yes they took 'em outta my closet

plenty of leftover food & water =)

YUMIEKO the royal pincess got some privacy, that is til I return =P

*I don't want to embarrass them by posting up post-home alone pictures of their toilet.. hehe....
Overall, phew! it was a relief. and I hope I don't have to do that again, which for the time being, I don't think I will.. Our next big event is, moving and travelling on air. *deep breath* getting anxious about it.  It's gonna be soon...

*do not try this at home* I did this with extra precautions* and still it was risky* I do not hope to do this again*

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


So happy to have noticed SUNSHINE's tail is now becoming a bit more fluffy.  It has been 5 months, 3 weeks and 5 days since she kittened her 4 kittens (which have all now become her playmates =P).  Hoping for more improvement on her furrr...

*whoops no pics available, I'll try to capture her tail this weekend...