Tuesday, September 21, 2010

More to reveal...

Hi to all =).  This is just a short note to thank all of you who has come by to read and drop us a few lines.  I'm sorry that I haven't replied, but I'd like to frankly say that the few lines you left matters, as it really helps to know that there are people who understand. I sincerely THANK YOU.

Wonder why it's taking sooo long or too long for me to recover? Well, it was hard enough to get over BULAN.. I thought things couldn't be worst.  Little did I know, things could and did get worst.

It was beyond my imagination and I thought it was beyond my capability and strength to go through any of that.  I am recovering and I have no idea how that was possible.  It took time but I did go through it all. 

~Time is a physician that heals every grief.~  Diphilus

BULAN left on 26th May 2010

followed by

 SUNNY on 11th June 2010

Yes, one loss followed by another loss.  What made it worst was, what had happened.


Sunday, September 5, 2010


30 March 2008 - 26 May 2010
p/s We still love you, I hope you know that. always n forever.

my horrible roller coaster ride ended up in a crash ='(

I had to take some time off before I start typing this post up.  And I believe I will not get it done in one sitting.  Things haven't been well for us, and each lines of this post will be accompanied with tears of sadness as the memories relive in me.  This is the process of grief and bereavement, hence I will go through it slowly, hoping hard that time will help me heal.

Things had been hectic enough with me arranging everything needed for our big scale shift from KL to KK. In early April 2010 I started visiting the Veterinary Hosp every week, to get their microchips in and also their rabies shot.  By the end of April, I was already applying for their import permit (into KK, Sabah).

On 6th May 2010: I sent Donna & Bella to be spayed.  The 2 of them were on canned food for the 1st week, and BULAN came to know of this.  The boy had such a strong sense of smell that he would meow by the doorside, asking to be released for their room, and immediately he would flee into the girls' room and invite himself to their dish.  He LOVED those cans of fancy feast.  I had to give in to him, after hearing his meows, the squeky meow, which he let out specifically to demand for the canned food.  It sounded sad, as if he was begging for the food and at the same time it was an order directed to me.

Since then, he refused to stay in their room.  He was always meowing to be released, and preferred to hang around in the living room.  He took over my 'Kit-Kat' mug, as it was always next to my laptop filled with water (initially for me) as I work on my laptop.  Eventually, BULAN had his own mug and dish bowl next to my laptop and he was the only one with the privilege of hanging out in the living room.  He preferred it that way, as it was easier for him to catch me on the act, when I give the 2 girls their canned food.  Within that 1 week (since 6th May), he gradually stopped eating kibbles, and would demand for the canned food.  Yeah, is sounds exaggerating, but seriously when it's time to eat and I'd put kibbles in his bowl, he'd look at me and start meowing and he'd walk over to a corner (where I stack up their canned food) and he'd knock the stacks off.  And when I pick 'em up, he'd give me that squeaky meow.  He could finish one and a half cans on his own.  He was solely eating canned food for 2 days, and on the 2nd day, I noticed that his stools were soft and it ended with blood.  I observed this twice, once on the night of the 12th May and the 2nd time was the morning of the 13th May.  I took him to the Veterinary Hosp on the 13th May.

The vet mentioned of suspecting viral infection.  He was given a shot of antibiotic (as I was told) and I noted that it was Kombitrim.  He was also prescribed with one week antibiotic.  On this very day, BULAN refused to eat.  The next day, he was eating.  But he was only eating canned food and he could not finish a whole can as he previously could.  He was drinking fine, but food had to be taken and held up in front of him, in order for him to eat.  His stools, were no longer as soft and no signs of blood were noted, but of course lesser was coming out as he was eating lesser.  He was however still active and playing around, he gradually ate lesser and was specifically eating on the purple color fancy feast canned food (VIRGIN FLAKED TUNA).

On 18 May, I took all the cats to the Veterinary Hosp for their export permit.  BULAN was apparently well that he passed through getting the permit, but he seemed to have lost weight, which worried me.

The next day, 19 May.  I took him to ARA Ampang Animal Centre.  Where we saw Dr. Jonathan. Who, in addition to history taking also palpated BULAN's whole body and felt as if his right kidney was enlarged.  THAT WAS ENOUGH TO DEVASTATE ME.  He suggested for a blood test, if I was up for it since our flight was only 4 days away.  Of course we went for it.  We also purchased some other brands for canned food, and was briefly relieved to see that BULAN was eating that night.

Slightly after noon on the 20th May, I got a call from Dr. Sumithra of ARA Ampang Animal Centre and it was regarding BULAN's blood test result.  I was CRUSHED upon hearing the result.  It was to my disbelief the result showed parameters that are indicators of his renal function were way beyond the normal range.  Which deep within me I'd labeled as renal failure hence the cries and feelings of devastation.  But at the same time, I was in denial, I couldn't let BULAN know what I was feeling, I wanted him to get positive vibes.  There were other things that went on at the time, but all in all, we struggled to get everything done, to rush BULAN to the vet.  He was admitted that very day.

Tears were the only thing I had left.  Crying for the blood test result.  And crying for the fact that he was going to be left at the clinic (How I wished, we have a vet where I can stay the night with him).  He was left there from the 20th May (Thursday) to 23rd May (Sunday).  We went to see him every single day. And it was so so difficult.  Each day was such a torture for me, having him left there, seeing him with drips, confined, unwell and not knowing when he would get better, IF he was gonna get better.  Each seconds when I was awake, the whole of me was filled with worries.  Each seconds I was with him at the vet, I had to struggle to fight my tears which most of the time, I failed.  Sleeping was my escape, as I wanted to stop my thoughts.  But falling asleep was difficult as I didn't want to miss even one second.

Throughout his stay at the vet, I had 1 major decision to make.  My flight was on the morning of the 24th May 2010 (Monday).  I had to at least get the 8 cats settled, moreover my brother and sister were in KL, solely for the purpose of helping me out with the cats and stuff.  And I was moving to KK for good, meaning no more home in KL after the 24th May.  So we had to go. And as for BULAN, I had to decide, it was either to take him with me anyhow or he'd be left on his own.  HOWEVER, both came with major issues.

Taking him with me, meaning taking an ill cat on a long journey which would be stressful.  He was also entitled to a one month quarantine, and getting treatment ASAP could've been a problem.

Leaving him behind, meaning I'd have to leave him on his own, return to KL on the 24th May itself and not knowing how long it will take for him to be well, and when I'd be able to take him home if that would even be possible.

By Saturday, I felt that I was siding more towards taking him with me and it was stronger when I went to see him.  I squatted in front of his cage, with the door open, and it was such a sad moment to see him struggle to walk out of the cage.  At first, I pushed him in, but when I let him out, all he wanted was to sit on my lap.  He sat quietly on my lap, resting his head to my body.  I felt it.  He wanted to come home with us.  He didn't want to be left there.  Call me crazy, but I felt it.  I would want him to stay for the treatment, but I could feel it.  It was scary to have the feelings, but I did feel it.  I hated the feelings, it came along with tears, I knew it meant something, but I didn't want to talk about it to anyone, because I didn't want anyone to interpret it.  I refused to believe in the truths of instinct, feelings, signs or whatsoever. NO, I DIDN'T WANT TO.

On Sunday morning, we went to see him.  Another heart breaking news.  Blood test showed SOME improvement which was very little.  In combination of the blood test result with findings of the ultrasound, it was concluded that prognosis was POOR.  Ultrasound scan showed that both his kidneys have lost their normal anatomical structures.  Coming from a biomedical background, and having read lots on this matter, I knew what BULAN was facing with, but pretended to myself that I didn't know.  And yes it was another day filled with tears.  I know, I heard and I understood, when I was told that BULAN wasn't fit to travel.  But what was I to do?  There was no guarantee of him getting better.  Although, the vet presented everything in a not-too-negative manner, she wasn't giving much hope and I knew it.  So I decided that he was coming home with me and this decision was accompanied with tears.  I KNEW I WAS TAKING A RISK.

We left him at the vet and picked him up later in the evening so that he could be left on drips for the rest of the day. 

-------------I started typing this out on the 27th May 2010, the day after BULAN left.. but till now, I am still unable to complete this post... I'm putting it up as it is and we'll just see if I ever get back to it--------

p/s We still love you, I hope you know that. always n forever.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

BULAN has left us. and this is forever.

I have noted that many have been visiting us this past few days.  And I'm sorry that I'm not ready to talk.  He's gone. and I'm not used to saying that yet.

Dear m.q.,
BULAN is ok now.  and eternally, he will be ok.

Dear nadyazgal,
he did respond to treatment, but..... guess it was time.

Dear Kak lia,
thanks for your support kak. Nana dpt rs akak faham

Dear Meowwmania,
I think he is all healthy over there.

Dear Crystal,
I think you've heard the news and perhaps the story too. thanks, dear.

Dear si tEDI,
I think, now, dia akan sihat selama2nya..

Dear lupie,
thanks. *sigh* what more can I say. I knew prognosis was poor to grave.  Actually, grave, but I believe the vet made it sound better by adding 'poor' to it.  I suppose I was hopping for a miracle, but didn't want to say it out.  unfortunately miracles don't work that way.

Dear Blackie,
yups, the reality that i'm still trying to live in.  the news that I have yet gathered enough strength to spread, what more to talk about it.

thanks to those who have been supportive and understanding.  I'll be updating when I'm ready.

But to those, who are here to tell me that, 'he was just a cat'.  YOU CAN GET OUT OF HERE, BECAUSE YOU'RE JUST A HUMAN AND I DON'T MIND LOSING YOU FROM MY LIFE!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

slap me and tell me this is not real!

UNFORTUNATELY, this is for real :(

it's a matter of days, before we are scheduled to fly off when THIS happens.

BULAN's blood test result showed that he is suffering some kidney insufficiency.  It's quite a story that I haven't been able to share.  I'll do so when things cool down a bit.  Moreover I'm not in the best emotional state to find proper words to put together on here.

now, BULAN has been hospitalized.  His result came out today and he went in today itself.  the next blood test is in 3 days.  and I'll have to see his condition before deciding whether he should fly off with us or not.  I'm waiting to find out how he's responding to treatment and what the prognosis is.

I've cried enough over the result of the blood test, I've cried over having to leave him on his own there.  Now I'm crying over uncertainty.  How will he respond to treatment? what is the prognosis? will I have to leave him behind?  of course I'll come back from him, but how long will it take? and I wouldn't be able to be here for him.  this is driving me crazy.  I have to keep distracting myself if I don't wanna end up spending the whole day crying.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

a brief update (",)

just a brief update...

we got our export permit =) ..

counting days to our flight....

going through a busy phase now.. will be updating extensively once this is all done with..

Saturday, May 8, 2010

the cats' stuff arrived today =)

Thank you to Mr. Faris.  It had been nice dealing with you =).  Future deals, boleh la bagi discount lebih2 skit yerrr.. ;-)
We got a cage of this size 75" x 35" x 60". (not the actual pic) heee.. the cage will be assembled once we reach home. can't wait to see how it looks like, and how my cats will fit into it.

a small size cage, this is for drying the cats after their bath (which reminds me to go on a hunt for a pet dryer).

five of this carrier, M size. yeps. will be used for the journey.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

BELLA and DONNA spayed :)

My 6th & 7th cat sent for spaying/neutering.  I'm no longer as anxious as I used to be about it, hence I could send 2 of them at one go =).

2 more cats to go.  I've got to decide when to do it.  I have 2 males to go SUNNY & MJ.  and our traveling date is just around the corner.

Is one week (exactly one week) enuf for the recovery?

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Frontline COMBO Spot On vs. Frontline Spot On

Frontline COMBO Spot On (with green pipettes)
-contains: fipronil & s-methoprene.

-It is a broad spectrum insecticide that disrupts the insect's central nervous system.
-It is used in Frontline as topical flea and tick control.
-It kills adult fleas before they lay eggs (within 24 hours).
-It can be used as an insecticide that acts as a growth regulator.
-It does not kill adult insects.
-It mimicks natural juvenile hormone of insects, which must be absent for a pupa to become an adult.
-So, with the presence of methoprene (acting as juvenile hormone), pupa will not change to an adult, which breaks the life cycle of the insect.
So next time, we'll be sure to get Frontline COMBO Spot On Cat :)

**Nadyazgal, thanks =)

Monday, May 3, 2010

Update on the import permit

The permit is in my hand.  It is a 'Veterinary License to Import Birds and Animals'.  It is one license that cost RM11, and within it are the details and microchip numbers of my cats. Weeeeeee....We're so near to getting everything done =)

**It reached me over a week ago, it's just that I had been busy with work and the cats =)

Thursday, April 29, 2010

MJ to another vet.

Took MJ to the vet (again) for some consultation.

Apparently, they don't give Ivermectin injections, unless for severe cases where topical treatment does not show effects, as an injection may cause additional stress to the cat's body.  With ear mites and fur mites, they would recommend for Frontline Spot On and Ear Canker.  MJ was given some vitamins, as he looked a bit weak, which probably was due to the injection.

After doing some research and consultations.  I've decided to not go for the 2nd Ivermection.  After all, it would be too troublesome for me (alone with 9 cats).  And if it does cause additional stress to the cat's body, then I'll opt out.  I would like to minimize the possibility for stress on them as I think the traveling and quarantine they'll have to go through will be highly stressful for them.

So Frontline Spot One and Troy Ear Canker for the 9 of them.  This calls for another project with the cats.

I had been looking for this from the 1st time we had an ear mite attack.
I got it for RM18 each.

I got 3 boxes of this Frontline Spot On for my 9 cats.
but am wondering, why it looks different from the ones I have bought previously.

and the pipet is in blue

as compared to the previous box

and the pipet was in green

Friday, April 23, 2010

a new problem has arise =(

Initially, I found YUMIEKO to have bald spot on her ear (*suspected ear mites that had never been completely resolved).  Then I found MJ to hava a bald spot on his ear (*which appeared overnight).  Then the peak was when I found MJ had bumps on him, about 4 if I recall correctly, 2 on the right side and 2 on the left side.  There were red ones, and there were pale ones that were just about to pop out.  OF COURSE, I freaked out, did research on the net and headed for the vet.  I took both MJ and YUMIEKO.

Through the microscope, mites were found in the sample taken from MJ's ear and fur.  So the answers are ear mites and fur mites.  Ear mites? yeah I believe it had been there all the while (since SUNSHINE introduced it to the others) and was probably never resolved completely.  Fur mites? I can't be too sure of where this might came from, as the cats are completely indoor, so I suppose I am to be blamed :-| I could have been the medium carrying it with me into the house after I'd been in contact with other cats ( including strays).  And I'd have to admit that I do let people touch and carry my cats when we visit the vet, which (duh!) would be a good source for many kinds of illness.

MJ was given shots of Ivermectin & Methylpred.  While YUMIEKO was given a shot of Ivermectin.  And since all 9 of them live together at all times, it was assumed that the rest of them would have the same things on them, so off we went and took the other 7 in for their shot of Ivermectin (luckily my Mr Fiance was around to help me out, so we were done after only 2 round of trips).

Ivermectin:  it is a broad spectrum anti-parasitic medication
Methylpred: it is used for its anti-inflammatory effect, in the treatment of allergic reactions and inflammatory diseases *in this case, it's allergy to the bites

We were told to come back for the 2nd and 3rd dose of Ivermectin, in a gap of 2 weeks  BUT by then, I'd be on my own with 9 cats (that means at least 4 round of trips).  And as for the 3rd dose, it'll be so near to our travelling date, so the vet said I can use the Frontline spray to replace.. Ermm.. 

 Review on the vet:
*The vet and assistants handled the cats so gently, that it helped with the cats' anxiety :)
*The injection was a breeze for each one of the cats.  We didn't need to spend so long a time at the vet to get 7 cats injected (on the 2nd trip)
*it's a yay! on how the cats were handled =). no additional stress for the cats on top of the already stressful car rides, the new environment with probable scents of other cats and dogs and also dogs barking..

*vet said the 3rd dose, can be replaced with Frontline, heeee how about the 2nd?
*vet mentioned 'owh, the others look ok huh' to the other 7 cats.

this calls for some research on the net!

**It was on Friday noon, and I was rushing to catch with my due date by 4 pm.  But when I found MJ with the bumps on him, immediately dropped everything, texted my supervisor about not being able to meet the due date and off we went to the vet.  After we were done at the vet, went to see my supervisor and handed in half of my stuff and the rest will come in on Monday. Phew! Thank god, for such a considerate supervisor =)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Oh NO!

It's 2.30 am and I was busy doing work (yes..yes.. life as a student =P) when I heard a cat's meowing (not exactly a meow, more of a cat's sound) that i haven't heard before.  I got distracted from work and decided to check it out.  Oh boy!! was I surprised to find MJ on top of BELLA.  BELLA innocently refuse and ran around as MJ chased after her.  I wasn't looking forward to this.  The thought did occur to me and I did make a call for an appointment for both BELLA and DONNA, but I had to cancel when I realized that they just had their rabies shot  less than 2 weeks ago.  So I've put that aside and planned it for next week.

Now BELLA and DONNA are out here with me, and goodness are they enjoying themselves, all my papers are flying all over the place!  And I can hear MJ meowing from inside their room.  In the middle of my hectic schedule (1 more week to go as a student =D, at least for the time being =P), I'm gonna have to set up the place for BELLA and DONNA to be separated from the others :-(

So it's definite, BELLA and DONNA is going by next week.  but what shall I do with the meowing MJ??  I thought of waiting til he fully matures, as I don't want him to go through a double operation as MICHIKO did, but he's meowing already.. can he hang on for another 2 months (as I've been told, approximately that's when he'll probably reach full maturation)?? MJ oh MJ... what shall we do about u...

Monday, April 19, 2010

Payment for the import permit

Yesh.. Payment for the import permit has been made. It cost RM11 for the one license. Hehe.. I knew the figure was RM11, but in my case, it would be either RM11 for one license or RM99 for 9 cats. Turns out it's RM11 for the license alone. Now is the 3-day waiting period.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

import permit: update

It's Sunday, and I checked online to find our online application has been approved.. yay!  It was approved at 10.17 am this morning (18 April 2010 on a SUNDAY).  I know it's online and you can do it anywhere and anytime, but I'm impressed and happy that they did it even when it's not within their office hours.  Thank you Mr. Approval Sir. heh! Someone will go make the payment, tomorrow and I hope for the documents to be in my hands within this week. *weeeeeeee.....=D*

I was worried that this online thing may take long, so I've been bugging them by phone. and it turned out so quick.  I called on Thursday before I submitted the form.  And on Friday by 3 pm, the form's status was 'insufficient'.  I made amendments to the form and callled, they told me to wait for validation and after the form is 'validated', wait for it to be 'approved' which would probably be by Monday.  On Friday by 4 pm, the status was 'validated'! and now on Sunday at 10.17 am, it has been approved!


random update: on food

~just a random update~

I've been going on and on and on, about the hectic ongoing things have gone on with the 9 of them.. but it has been so long ago that I last updated about the basics of their daily lives...Food, Drinks, Litter, Supplements, Grooming.. heee.. not that short a list  I guess...

First up is regarding their food.  I'll have to admit, it hadn't been easy to decide on which and what to give.  But when I didn't know much, it was so easy to just pick up whatever I saw at the supermarket...  yes, I guiltily fed BULAN and BINTANG (my first 2), with unhealthy food. heeeee...But when things got serious.. food matters most.  It had been a long long long process, before I derived with my own conclusion.  I can explain more if there are curious people out there, but for now, I'll just summarize the finals of my decision.  Apparently, I dun have pictures of all the packages, so grabbed some for the net, hence the package we have locally may differ ya.

First of all, when people ask what I give them, I don't have just 1 answer.  I alternate their food about 2-weekly, and when I see signs of reduced liking towards the food, I'd mix 2 kinds together.

At the moment, they're taking Royal Canin Hair & Skin.

Alternatingly with Royal Canin Fit32 + Innova Evo

BULAN showed disliking towards RC Fit32, hence Innova Evo was added in.  I can't give Innova Evo alone, because MICHIKO becomes diarrheal ~ most likely due to the high protein content that he can't tolerate.

Another combination is Blackwood kitten + Salmon Bleu
because BULAN has developed disliking towards Blackwood Kitten

More in my list...

Royal Canin Kitten 36: u see I have 7-month kittens, but they just LOVE adult food, and hence another reason for the mix and match.  So when I have the time (which I don't nowadays) I'd take the 4 kittens out put in a cage for a few hours to feed them this.

When the kittens were younger, they were given Royal Canin BabyCat34

During this time, they had to stay in a different room because i) they were still too young and not ready to mingle with the others, ii) the adults LOVEd to eat this RC BabyCat34.  yeah, yeah.. the adults like kitten food, the kittens like adult food, any reasons why I shouldn't go nuts??

Here are other options that I may go for (and I have gone for) in times of crisis such as no stocks available nearby or BULAN starts giving me problems.  Orijen and Acana, the thing is, BINTANG doesn't like this two and BULAN wouldn't last long before he'd start demanding for other food.

If you noticed, BULAN is the one with fuss, when it comes to food.  He actually likes Blackwood Adult, but I have a greater preference over Innove Evo and Orijen.  Moreover, because I have guiltily given BULAN and BINTANG unhealthy food earlier on, I feel the need to make sure these two eat proper and hope that it'll compensate for whatever effect the earlier unhealthy food may have on their health.
I am particularly still confused with wetfood.  But occasionally (especially when BULAN shows problem), I'd let them indulge with wetfood.

Fancy Feast Royale
All of them run at the sight of this, except for BINTANG

Natural Balance
With BINTANG as an exception, the rest would run for Natural Balance too.  BINTANG would eventually eat too after a while, that is if the others have left her with any at all.  I've tried feeding her alone, and same thing she'd wait for a while before she'd start eating.  My concern is that wetfood aren't suppose to be left exposed for long period of time.

A most recent one, Innova-Evo.
Now I'm surprised, all of them including BINTANG would run and push each other away to fight for this.  I never really tried this before, because it comes in a big can of 374g.  So now that there are 9 of them, they can together finish up a can without leftovers :)

Apart from these they also occasionally get boiled chicken or salmon *yes, they are a bunch of spoiled cats*.  However, BULAN sometimes refuse chicken, and BINTANG at all times would consistently refuse chicken or salmon. errmmm...

**Because BULAN has been repeatedly mentioned here let me just explain on his behalf :) He is a big eater, when I'm late with his food, he'd meow loudly and bite me if I'm around.  Telling me to get his food, which means he's hungry right? so hungry that he'd eat ANYTHING, u may think. But NO.  If it's not what he wants, he'll keep biting me, start running around, he'd slap the others (usually SUNSHINE) so that they can't eat or even use the litter.  He'll meow and meow, till I think i've gone crazy.  That means he has gotten sick of the kibbles we have.  At times like this, I'd take him out, and give him (alone) a can of wet food.  He'll eat and I'd return him to their room, and he may or may not eat the kibbles, but obviously noted he won't bully the others.  I know some people say, u let him starve so that he'd eat anything u serve right? well, I have tried ignoring BULAN and just feeding them as usual.  the behavior of course reduced, but he becomes moody and unfriendly and obviously lose weight.  And when weight loss is obvious then it's just too much, weight loss --> reduced energy --> reduced immune system and so so so on... sometimes I get too busy, that I don't notice whether BULAN has been eating well or not, but I'll definitely notice it when he starts losing weight.  and a recent encounter I had, cats too have gastric, if they miss their meals.  so I don't wanna deal with that.  If you miss ur meal, and get gastric, u suffer, nothing to do wt me right =P.  but if BULAN miss his meals, and gets gastric, he suffer = I suffer?? 

**BINTANG: she only takes kibbles, and refuse chicken, salmon, wetfood.  She loves Innova Evo dry food most.  and recently discovered that she'd also eat Innova Evo wetfood :)

**MICHIKO: eats ANYTHING.  including MY food.  so I gotta be careful when he's hanging around out here.  He becomes diarrheal with Innova Evo kibbles and he'd get moody when he is smelly because of faeces remaining on the fur of his behind =D. and so who has to clean after that =P

**SUNSHINE, YUMIEKO, SUNNY, BELLA, MJ & DONNA: so far they've been find with whatever I've given them.  and they do not take MY food.

~it would be easier and less costly if they can stick on one kind of food, but with the attitude they've been giving me, I don't think it's possible.  Moreover, I also have an idea that I do not want them to be dependent on only 1 type.  Because there are possibilities of recalls and discontinuation,  and if a particularly batch of production is spoiled or some sort, I can hope that the detrimental effects it may have on my cats would be minimal, since my cats do not fully rely on that one kind of cat food =)~

I have derived to my final conclusion after lots of reading and researching.. I shall attached the links if and when I have the time to find the materials.  Bon appetit to the cats!