Thursday, May 20, 2010

slap me and tell me this is not real!

UNFORTUNATELY, this is for real :(

it's a matter of days, before we are scheduled to fly off when THIS happens.

BULAN's blood test result showed that he is suffering some kidney insufficiency.  It's quite a story that I haven't been able to share.  I'll do so when things cool down a bit.  Moreover I'm not in the best emotional state to find proper words to put together on here.

now, BULAN has been hospitalized.  His result came out today and he went in today itself.  the next blood test is in 3 days.  and I'll have to see his condition before deciding whether he should fly off with us or not.  I'm waiting to find out how he's responding to treatment and what the prognosis is.

I've cried enough over the result of the blood test, I've cried over having to leave him on his own there.  Now I'm crying over uncertainty.  How will he respond to treatment? what is the prognosis? will I have to leave him behind?  of course I'll come back from him, but how long will it take? and I wouldn't be able to be here for him.  this is driving me crazy.  I have to keep distracting myself if I don't wanna end up spending the whole day crying.


m.q said...

hope bulan will be ok

nadyazgal said...

hopefully Bulan will respond to treatment.. insyaallah.. be strong girl..

Jul's said...

Salam Nana..sedih akak dengar pasal Bulan tu. Dia mengingatkan akak disaat2 akak bdepan keadaan genting masa Chello disahkan Liver Failure. Rasa gelap kejap dunia, menangis bagai org gila wlu hanya utk SEKOR kucen jer. Sbb akak bukanlaa sorg yg kuat utk menghadapi keadaan macam tuh & akak bukanlaa stabil dr segi ekonomi bila memikirkan rawatan susulan utk dia. Rasa mcm x percaya bila Chello yg sblmnya sihat berlari2 dlm umh, termenung monyok mengasingkan diri. Tp akak x nak fikirkan semua menda2 negatif & usaha yg terbaik utk dia, sampai la akhirnya dia sihat blk wlupun susut byk berat badan dia.

Pun sama dengan Bulan, tak siapa sangka kucen yg salu masuk show, yg akak pnh tgk dpn mata, ambik gmbr, sentuh & sihat tiba2 sakit mcm tu. Dugaan utk kita Nana. Akak tau nana kuat, insyaAllah.. Allah akan balas kebaikan Nana jaga & rescue kucen2 sblm nih. Akak doakan yg terbaik utk Bulan. Akak tau dia kuat. Sekuatnye Chello melawan sakit dia. Amin..

meowwmania said...

sedihnya :(

smoga bulat sembuh dgn cepat

Devilene said...

Sis Nana,
Sorry to hear that at the last minute such bad news came! Well God has always given obstacle for us to overcome, and this must be another one. Stay strong and hopes Bulan gets a positive reading for her blood test this time. If you need any help, you can contact me, I'll try to help if possible. Hope for you, your brother and Farah's safe trip home to sabah


sI tEDI said...

semoga bulan kembali sihat!

lupie said...

Recover soon Bulan ...
We are purring for you.

We hope to hear good news soon.
Be strong my friend!

Blackie007 said...

Nana, I just heard the sad news that Bulan has passed away. I'm so sorry. I know how it feels to lose a beloved pet. My deepest sympathy and condolence goes to you. Be strong, girl. {{{hugs}}}