Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Boredom by Bulan

Bulan acting out BOREDOM as Bintang was confined in the cage

He enjoys company when it comes to playing... looked like he made friends with the floor mat!

Water fountain

I learnt that they should be encouraged to drink water. Here's their new bought fountain @RM103.00. It seemed like Bulan enjoys it, more than just for drinking...

I got Bintang out of her cage for a while, to try the fountain.....and away she went!!! she was terrified. Maybe she needed time to be acquainted with it. Anyhow, after watching Bulan playing around the fountain, she herself started to drink from the fountain =).

Bulan's first encounter with the fountain

Bintang FINALLY drinking from the fountain

Monday, December 29, 2008

Scheduled Eating

I have been thinking of having their feeding time scheduled...But just haven't gotten the 'strength' to do so....Nah..I'm just too lazy... Well, after a visit to the vet, I guess, it hit me, that if I keep delaying, the day will never come. So I was determined to start yesterday. Feeding time will be 7 am & 7 pm.

HOWEVER, at 1.00 am, Bulan started meowing for food. The meows, the 'looking for food' look around, and the biting. He meowed and bit me! That is why we say he is Bulan the Mafia. I wasn't to give in to him, BUT he knew better than to wait for me. He bit the pack of 9kg IAMS that Bintang had gotten from the last cat show, he bit with all his might, and from the look of it, he was almost there. OKAY!!! I gave him food alright. Not much but enough to have kept him quiet. And then Bintang the Princess started to meow as in...'oh soo...he gets food...just because I'm in a cage, I don't get late nite snack? then u just watch me getting out of here'. SO, before she proved herself, I had to be fair, and gave some to her as well...They were feeding on different food and it was like 1.30 am already, I was too sleepy to deal with them, but since the Princess demanded to be fed, the Mafia threatened to be fed. What could I do??

Despite of that, they're my darlings...I'll have to figure out the right amount of food for each feeding, so that won't happen again..We'll try again today.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Wetfood vs Dryfood

Due to Bulan's diarrhea experience, I have decided to change their wetfood. They have been feeding on Whiskas, Bintang hasn't had any problems. But because it doesn't seem to be suitable for Bulan, I'd just switch anyhow. So while Bulan is on prescribed diet, Bintang will be fed Natural Balance canned food.
She initially refused to eat, I guess she was expecting Whiskas instead. Then as she yawned, I put some in her mouth, and only after that she started eating...I'm glad for that. As for Bulan, I'm sure he won't mind =).

I've been reading around and asking around as well...According to some, dry food is their main course, while for others wet food is the choice, to cut cost? Dry food can be as expensive as wetfood. That is, referring to premium food. I guess what matters is the content of the food given to them. So, thinking after thinking and on and on I go.......

I'm still doing further reading on Innova EVO, I will stick with Blackwood, and I'll have them try Orijen.

While Bintang is recovering she'll be given Natural Balance canned food, I'll need to do futher reading on wet food. While that, I'll just stick with steamed or boiled chicken as their weekly treat.

Bulan: diarrhea

Since Bintang had been spayed, I've been feeding her wetfood. And of course Bulan wouldn't lose the chance to join along. I've stocked up on Whiskas and Natural Balance wetfood. However, Bintang refused to eat Natural Balance, therefore, so far I've only given her Whiskas. Bulan has been eating along, whether I offered him or not, he'd know how to get it himself. He'd scoop out of Bintang's dish bowl (placed inside the cage), splattered on the floor and ate off the floor. Yup, he is THAT irritably cute.

There he goes...with the right paw...
...and then the left paw.

3 days ago I noticed that his stools were rather watery, but still somewhat mixed with semi-solid stools.. It was also like that yesterday, I figured it was because of the food as he was still eating well and playing as usual. Other than the stool, he was just fine. I searched online on the causes of diarrhea, and found that it may be indications of serious illness. It was worrying although he had only passed watery stool once a day as of yesterday and the day before.

This morning...Bulan had passed real watery stool, no longer mixed with semi-solid stool. I was thinking of a vet visit for Bulan, but it was a Sunday, so just maybe I'd wait for tomorrow....Hmm..think again, tomorrow's also a holiday... then again Bulan went to the litter box....So I search for most suggestable vet that's nearby, made calls to check if they were opened...and again Bulan went for the litter box....So that's 3 times for today, we were definitely going for the vet.

And so we did. I was impressed that Bulan behaved well. He was quiet, and immediately returned to his carrier on his own once he was put down. He weighed 3.5 kg and temperature was ok. Not much to be suspected, other than food intolerance. The bill: RM56.00

He was put on a prescribed diet, and given medication for anti-diarhea and anti-gastritis. The doctor was kind, handled Bulan well, and very informative. I hope I won't have to, but I wouldn't mind bringing either one of them there again.

As for Bulan and his medication..*sigh* It's a real struggle alright..

Bintang's spaying

We had initially planned to have Bintang spayed on the 19th December, so I can be home everyday during her recovery. But we later decided to delay her spaying to participate in the cat show. I wasn’t sure of their actual age, thus where possible I shouldn’t delay their neutering, moreover, I had been advised that they are at a suitable age to be neutered. So, as it was with Bulan, Bintang had to fast from 10 am the night before. This is not so hard on me, as Bintang is not a big eater. She seldom ask for food. By 9 am, we were already at the Klinik Kembiri, left her there, and she was done by about 11.30 am. It cost me RM70 instead of the expected RM60 for a female cat. Because...surprisingly Bintang was on heat. Oh my!! I didn't see any sign of that. She really has grown.

As soon as we got home, I tried putting E-collar on her, that is before she regained her full strength as I suppose it'd be easier. But I was wrong, as it wasn't easy, she didn't like it (of course), and rigorously moved around to get it off. So I figured, I'd just let her rest and put it on later, as I didn't want to tire her even more, she's had enough with the procedure. and so she rested.

1st pic after we got home

Bintang resting for the rest of the day
She was fully awake by that evening, she looked weak but it was as if she demanded to be released from the cage. She knocked down the dish bowl, she knocked down the litter box and the towels covering the floor of the cage were everywhere. Errmmm...a very bad timing for the E-collar...well she wasn't bothered about her wound at all, she was so occupied with escaping the cage. So the dish bowl had to be out, the litter box had to be out. I cleaned after the mess as she watched. Then I tried to put the E-collar on her...BUT she made it clear that she did not want it.

She ate well, but drank less, maybe because of the wetfood I was giving her. Bintang is like a darling princess....As we call her Bintang the Princess...she's sweet and soft in her action, but if you get in her nerves..She'll show you just how much she's not liking it..

Overall, she was doing well..except for the E-collar. She hated it so much, I figured that maybe she wouldn't be bothered by the wound. As I did with Bulan, I pulled a mattress next to her cage, and slept there....However, I was awakened by Bintang at around 3 am, as she was pulling and biting hard on the bandage of her wound. Then I had no choice, but to force her into the E-collar...It was definitely not easy...Anyhow, I got her in the E-collar and she eventually fell asleep...that was a relief as I was extremely exhausted....

Bulan had been very nice to accompany Bintang along with me. And he was very cooperative of Bintang with the E-collar, which means...he wasn't cooperating with ME!! As I was trying to neatly tie up the E-collar, Bulan was on the other side of the cage, tugging on the strings.....That's Bulan our Mafia.... Still, adorable enough, he slept next to me till morning...

Day 2
I guess out of boredom, Bintang occasionally show something of a tantrum. She would scratch and pull on the towels covering the floor of the cage. And that means, other than herself and a few small toys, no other things can be placed inside the cage with her. I have learned that she enjoys soft toys and feathery toys the most, but I can't place that in the cage with her, as she likes to jump, run around, throwing it everywhere...Well actually I tried, and it made her realize that she was confined, and as the E-collar gets in her way while playing, she gets even more irritated. So, accompanying her in the cage was a small mouse and a small ball, not feathery and not so soft.

Here's Bulan accompanying her. He didn't mind being inside, BECAUSE he needs a friend to play rough with.

As I have mentioned, the litter box, can't be placed in the cage, as she would knock it down. When she needs it, she knows to meow and call me for it, and being a princess, she also spread her paws out to have them cleaned by ME. Of course, there were times, when I couldn't avoid going out, meaning, I had to leave a litter box in with Bintang, as I wouldn't be around if she calls for the litter box. And upon my return, I would be sure to find the box had been knocked down.

Sitting elegantly...

'Here is my paw, now you clean it.'

Day 3 It had occurred to me that the bandage on Bintang's wound would eventually need to be removed. I made a call to the clinic and asked about it. I was advised to remove it, at most after a few days. It would be more difficult to remove once her fur starts growing out. And to ease the removal, they suggested using baby oil.

I went out to make a purchase of the baby oil and immediately worked on it. It was NOT easy. It took me like 3 hours and all the while I held a lump in my throat. and the moment I got it done, I cried for her. She was doing fine, she slept well, and no signs of being hurt at all, but I was emotionally disturbed. I know, it's such a small matter to have a cat spayed, I just couldn't help but be frightened for her. I really hope that I've done the right things for her, for them, the both of them.

Anyhow, the bandage was off. I hope she heals soon.

Bintang sleeping while and through as I worked on getting the bandage off.

Day 4
I often left the door of the cage opened, she seemed to understand that she had to stay, so she wouldn't step out as long as I was there next to her, maybe because she knew I would stop her from going out anyhow. I went out for a few minutes, but I forgot to latch the door to her cage. Upon my return, I saw her on the scratching pad...Owh..then it occurred to me, maybe she missed that, so I took it into her cage and she played with it inside, and Bulan later joined her in the cage. I guess she wanted to tell me that she was done playing and I was to remove the scratcher from the cage. She pushed and pulled as if trying to turn it upside down, so I took it out. Immediately she landed in the middle of the cage and slept...

Day 5
Bintang was left at home on her own, as I had to take Bulan for a vet visit due to diarrhea.

It looked like, she didn't enjoy being home alone.

Day 6-
I let Bintang out for a while to walk around, but before I knew it..there was Bintang lying on her back and Bulan licking on her wound. Aiyyyaaaa!!! who is to blame?? me! It's never gonna be them.

Her wound was nearly dried up, but because Bulan had helped her licked on it, it has become reddish and so I think it would take some time to dry up again.

It's a pity that I had confined Bintang for a few extended days, while she herself seemed to be ready to go out and play. So once in a while I'd let her out, and as an exchange for her freedom, Bulan had to be caged or I'd need to fully supervise them if both were let free.

Bintang demonstrating her boredom

When she was let free..

Bulan's freedom exchanged for Bintang's...He wonder why??

Unfortunate for Bintang, her wound wasn't healing well.... I caught a scene of Bulan licking on Bintang's would whilst Bulan was outside of the cage and Bintang lying at the very side of the cage from inside. Hmmm...that's what we call cooperation... and therefore..Bintang had to be caged for an extended no. of days...But because she HATES the cage... for the extra week it took for her wound to heal...Bulan was the 1 who had to be caged daytime, when I wasn't home... Poor Bulan, but he had been a very good boy... he patiently sat and waited for me to release him once I get home.... a solution to tipped litter box & dish bowl by Bintang...

After a long 2 more cage and no more e-collar... Back to their normal happy life.... Bintang must be glad it's all over, AND Bulan must be GLAD that Bintang has recovered, so HE gets his full freedom...

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

SACC Mall Cat Show 21 December 2008

Here, I share with you, Bintang's first participation in a cat show. We had planned earlier that we would attend to look at the cats. However, it was a last minute decision that we submit Bintang to participate.

Bintang has been known to be easily moody, hence, from the very beginning we had no intention of getting her to participate in a cat show. In contrast with Bulan, in which, he's usually cheerful and playful, he's always in the mood for playing, invite him to play and he'll join you. But Bintang, if she's not the mood, and you invite her to play, she'll move away from you, and if she thinks you're too much, she'll go to a corner, and sit facing the corner. and yes, she's a cat.

Anyhow, since we were going to attend the show, it wouldn't hurt to just tag a cat along, and put her in a cage, while we roam around looking at the other cats right? ya, it's that simple.

So we arrived early morning at SACC Mall, Shah Alam, on the 21st December 2008 registered in, checked by a vet, and put her in a cage. So that was it. I'd have to say, there's the feeling of inferiority for bringing a typical 'kucing kampung'. But we were there, and whatever it is, it won't hurt anyhow. Yes, as predicted, Bintang was moody. She sat at a corner and was not entertaining our play invites.

She just had to prove her point...

Being it a 1st time, we had difficulties leaving her alone in the cage, so we ended up taking turns accompanying her. Yes, I know she's just a typical cat which can be found on the streets or alleys, but the love that we have for her is definitely no typical. It's her 1st time being in such an alienated situation, and it's our first time putting her in such a condition. She's a living creature with awareness, and I didn't want her to feel alone, in danger, neglected or whatsoever, thus, we took turns sitting by her cage, so she was not left on her own for too long.

Well, to cut the story short, Bintang did well. To our surprise, she placed 1st in the Non Pedigree Kitten K6 Shorthair Category. And on top of that, Bintang was also chosen as Best Non Pedigree Shorthair. What a delight!

"There I won the prize, can I sleep now??" And so she slept...
....and slept.
We spent the whole day there. Poor Bulan, he had to stay home on his own. He was neutered about 2 weeks ago, and his fur hasn't fully grown back yet, so he had to stay home. It's ok Bulan, Bintang brought home new toys for you....

Bintang and the prize she took home with her...
For the day, a special thanks to a cat lover namely Pakcu =), for all the help that he has offered. It was a tiring day, for us and I suppose for Bintang as well... However, we enjoyed it, and we look forward for the next catshow, if not as a participant, we'll at least pay a visit.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Something to Scratch on

I've been wanting to buy a scratching pole, but my financial situation hadn't been allowing me to do so. However, I just had to buy this. I'm very sure Bintang would enjoy it. Bulan enjoys just about anything, but Bintang is a bit picky, be it with toys or food, Bintang is more particular.

It's a Cat-Scratch-Cube, with mice hanging in the inner part of all four sides. The mice are furry, and Bintang likes furry moving toys. @ RM28.00 it was sure worth it, as both Bulan and Bintang enjoy the hanging mice.


I had decided to have Bintang participate in the upcoming cat show which will be held in SACC Mall, Shah Alam. It is a last minute decision, we'll just go for fun. At the thought of it, here are somethings for grooming purposes. These are limited according to my knowledge. I'm sure there are more, but I have yet to learn about all of them.

Regular Shampoo
I simply grabbed this from a supermarket because it was the only one I saw.
Cat Flea Shampoo
When I first took Bulan and Bintang in, they had fleas all over, I used this (just grabbed it from Carrefour) and found it to be effective. Till now, I keep 1 with me, just in case the need arise
Claw Trimmer
I don't use this often, as both Bulan and Bintang don't really like it. Other than that, I like looking at their clear, shining, sharp, pointed claws.

Nail File??
*New* don't know if it's a need or an extra. But I'm thinking that I should use this as well for the sake of the cat show.

Eye Wash
*New* Bintang has something called a tear stain, more on the left eye. I've just read a little on tear stain. Will need to do more reading on that.

Ear Wash
*New* Somehow Bintang's ear is not as clean as Bulan's. Asked the vet about it, they seem to think that Bintang is just the type of cat who can't take care of herself, i.e. the eyes and the ears.

*New* I guess this is what should be used on them. The FURminator had been left behind at their other home. So I had to get something for combing, only to find this as being more suitable for daily use. At least, I think so.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Cat Spa

I had heard of a Cat Spa a while ago and since then have thought of getting one for Bulan and Bintang. As of it is.
Purchased from Pets More Kepong Carrefour at RM42.90

However, they didn't seem to find it amusing or of any fun. Bulan takes a visit once in a while. Bintang just completely ignores it, other than the sniffing when it was first placed in my living room a.k.a. their play ground. Anyhow, I'll just leave it there and hope they will later find it to be fun.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Bulan after neutered

Day 1
He slept all afternoon only to be awake in the evening. He was coping well. As a matter of fact, it seemed like he felt as if he was ready to go out and play. I was really glad that he was drinking and eating fine. There was nothing that appear to be worrying. I had to put E-collar on him, as he was licking, he was licking hard, maybe he felt different there. I pulled my mattress next to his cage, and slept all night with him, the door of the cage was opened as I had my hand inside the cage. Aaand I was awaken at the sense of Bulan jumping on my hand trying to escape the cage. I think Bintang understood the situation, I was impressed that she slept next to me, which is obviously not her usual sleeping spot.

Trying to calm him down with the E-collar.
Bulan trying to find ways out of the cage. He looked up....
...looked down...
...and right.

Day 2
He ate and drank well. I'm really glad that he did not at all, appear to be unwell. He even jumped out of the cage as I was giving him food and water. I pity that he had to be confined, b'cause he badly wanted to go out and play. As for Bintang, she played peek-a-boo, only to find that Bulan wouldn't chase after her. He had been eating well, he ate a lot, but it worried me that there was no pee or poo inside his litter box. Then, in the afternoon, I saw him in the litter box, going for it. BUT, he kept on looking and looking for a different spot. I guess he wasn't comfortable with the smaller size box, so I opened the cage and pulled the bigger box there. He jumped in and went for a pee and a poo. =) so there, nothing more to worry about. I think he understood that he was not allowed to go out, and I tried as much as possible to be near him or at least at sight. He's sure clever, as he would immediately meow once I go out of sight, I guess he demanded to be accompanied, if he was to be kept in the cage. Just 1 week Bulan, you'll be out soon!!
Attempting to escape??
And also asking for help from Bintang
Day 3 - 7
From day 3 onwards, he wasn't under my care, but of course I kept myself updated. I even talk to him and Bintang by phone. He was very much healthy, he ate and drank well. He was still on E-collar, as he would lick hard, I guess maybe it itched. He was ready to go out, but I refused to let him out before his 1 week is over. Once in a while, he would be taken for a walk, he'd be allowed to walk around with no running or jumping. He had his tiger accompanying him , it had been in the cage with him since day 1. He was assisted when he wanted to pee or poo, assisted as in pulling the bigger box to the front of the cage and have him use it. Somehow he didn't like the smaller box. He was also very demanding, he meows for food, which he usually would not do. I think Bintang missed playing with Bulan, because once in a while, when the door was open, bintang would go in and join Bulan in the cage. Bintang was allowed to stay in, for as long as they don't start playing rough.

Bulan with his Tiger
When he was let off the E-collar,
he would do this comfortably...
And YES, he the E-collar stays...
and so does Bintang, besides the cage accompanying him..

Day 8
If it was me, I would take the extra measure to have him confined for 2 weeks. Ya, that's the typical me. But I was told that he was fine, and fur has started to grow back. So I agreed that he could be released but still restrict too much running or jumping. It seemed to me, that Bulan celebrated his release. He played with Bintang, roamed around, explored the area, sniffing everything, looked out the window, and went to every inch of space he could reach. I think it was like a whole day and night before he slowed down, went for food and drink and only then slept.

I guess he had been wanting to look out the window...
so here goes...for as long as he wished...
He'd like to prove that he is indeed fine, so up the wardrobe he goes...
which means he could jump up high....

**I guess everything went well. Bulan has been neutered, it's a once in a lifetime thing for him and I hope it was for the best. As for me, it's my first time experience ever, having my cat neutered. Next, would be Bintang. I heard that the procedure and recovery is more complicated with female cats. So the anxiety is still there. I will reserve myself for 2 weeks to care for Bintang. I hope she will do just fine, as Bulan did.**