Sunday, December 28, 2008

Bulan: diarrhea

Since Bintang had been spayed, I've been feeding her wetfood. And of course Bulan wouldn't lose the chance to join along. I've stocked up on Whiskas and Natural Balance wetfood. However, Bintang refused to eat Natural Balance, therefore, so far I've only given her Whiskas. Bulan has been eating along, whether I offered him or not, he'd know how to get it himself. He'd scoop out of Bintang's dish bowl (placed inside the cage), splattered on the floor and ate off the floor. Yup, he is THAT irritably cute.

There he goes...with the right paw...
...and then the left paw.

3 days ago I noticed that his stools were rather watery, but still somewhat mixed with semi-solid stools.. It was also like that yesterday, I figured it was because of the food as he was still eating well and playing as usual. Other than the stool, he was just fine. I searched online on the causes of diarrhea, and found that it may be indications of serious illness. It was worrying although he had only passed watery stool once a day as of yesterday and the day before.

This morning...Bulan had passed real watery stool, no longer mixed with semi-solid stool. I was thinking of a vet visit for Bulan, but it was a Sunday, so just maybe I'd wait for tomorrow....Hmm..think again, tomorrow's also a holiday... then again Bulan went to the litter box....So I search for most suggestable vet that's nearby, made calls to check if they were opened...and again Bulan went for the litter box....So that's 3 times for today, we were definitely going for the vet.

And so we did. I was impressed that Bulan behaved well. He was quiet, and immediately returned to his carrier on his own once he was put down. He weighed 3.5 kg and temperature was ok. Not much to be suspected, other than food intolerance. The bill: RM56.00

He was put on a prescribed diet, and given medication for anti-diarhea and anti-gastritis. The doctor was kind, handled Bulan well, and very informative. I hope I won't have to, but I wouldn't mind bringing either one of them there again.

As for Bulan and his medication..*sigh* It's a real struggle alright..