Monday, December 1, 2008

Preparation for Spaying/Neutering.

I think I must say, that YES, I am making such a big deal of the fact that Bulan and Bintang will be neutered. It's my first time ever, really handling my OWN cats, and thus it's the first time ever that I'll be sending my cats to be neutered. And I'm extremely terrified by the thoughts, but I will have to go through it anyway.

Sunday: 23 November 2008

Today, I got a cage for them. I bought it 2nd hand for RM70 from an advertiser on Collected at Shah Alam. Cage? yeah right, this house of mine has been taken over by them. What's the cage for? The cage will be used to confine them after they get spayed/neutered, which is planned for December.Saturday: 29 November 2008
I got a new litter box for them, it's smaller than the one they already have. I purposely bought a smaller one to put inside the cage, so that it doesn't take up too much space. Cost me RM25.00 from Setapak Pet Shop.

Another necessity would be a carrier, which I've gotten way earlier. Got it from Pets Wonderland, Midvalley RM145.00.

And also, stocks of wet food. I was told that this is to ease defecation.

* Note: I had decided not to have them spayed/neutered simultaneously. Thus, I'd only need one cage and one carrier. And I hope to give my full attention in caring for them after the procedure.