Saturday, April 17, 2010

Flight tickets & Re. Import Permit

In between my packed schedule this past few days, I managed to get my flight tickets (for the human ya). It was so difficult for me to decide on a date. I'd like to go sooner, but I also plan to get BELLA and DONNA spayed before we go, so I gotta give some time for them to recover.

But anyhow the date is fixed. We're going on a Monday and it's a morning flight. Heeee.. so that it won't be too hot for them (not that I know how it'll be, but it's a just in case). I also want to arrive during office hours, so that I can straight away go to the quarantine centre (whereever that'll be) and set up their sleeping place =( and work on apealling and begging etc, to get the duration of quarantine shortened.

My flight ticket is ready, to be on the safe side, I shall call the office for further details on the cats' travelling needs.

Next is the import permit, I've made contact with the Veterinary Services there, so here  are the steps...

  1. apply online: gotta have the microchip numbers in and estimate date of arrival
  2. validated online form:  online application will be reviewed, they'll gv feedback on whether the application is validated (form completed and so wait for approval) or insufficient (form incompleted, needs changes before it is processed
  3. Approval: wait for the online application to be approved
  4. Payment: once the online application is approved, someone there (at the destination) will have to go and make payment. RM11 for one cat?? RM11 for the license? we'll find out soon.  this person will only need to mention my name and license number that I got form my online application
  5. Collect permit: 3 days after payment, this person (at the destination) will have to go and collect the import permit
  6. Delivery: the original import permit has to be in my hands.


nadyazgal said...

hi.. :) u mind sharing the website for online application of the export/import form? thanks..

LoVe said...

hi.. ya. no problem. but the website is specifically for that particular place of destination tho. It may differ if you're going elsewhere. Where are you going by the way?

nadyazgal said...

hi again. sorry for d very late reply. sorry about Bulan.. :(

i'm going to move to sabah this november. so im gonna bring my cat together. you have the website where i can apply online?