Friday, April 2, 2010

the 4 siblings to the vet!

This would've been a great shot, if it wasn't blurry.

Reasons for the vet visit: (i. microchip, ii. deworm, iii. BELLA's eyes)

i. microchip

The microchip was done PLUS I also had their 'passport' done.  The cats had their pictures taken and it wasn't easy: front view, left, right, back and so oooon....  I haven't seen the outcome of these passports as it was already late and I was rushing off, so I'll collect the passports when I take the next ones in line to the vet.

Here are info about this pet passport, actually here is the brochure to be exact.  For the time being, they've only started this in Cheras, and I heard that they will soon expand to Shah Alam and eventually throughout the country.  Yay! now no one can claim my kucing kampung as theirs!

It was funny that they had a cross on the table, supposedly that's where my cat should sit, unfortunately my cats are not trained that when you say 'sit' he/she would walk about.... hehehe.... but thanks to the guy who ssnaped their pics, for being patience about it.

SUNNY consistently wanted to jump down and if i didn't stop him, he actually jumped down and he was frightened by the new environment.  MJ did not appear too nervous, but he consistently walked about and couldn't stay still.  BELLA was fond of the camera, that she would always face and moved toward the camera.  DONNA didn't like the camera, she would alwasy face and move away from the camera.  And she was anxious that she wouldn't walk properly.

As stated in the brochure.  The pet passport is RM 7 excluding microchip, physical examination and the picture.
-RM25 for the microchip
-RM7   for the passport
-RM5   for the rest (promotional perhaps as I heard they mentioned it.)
-RM37  total cost per cat.

ii. deworm

All four had been fine =)

SUNNY @ 3.4 kg
BELLA @ 2.0 kg
MJ @ 3.0 kg
DONNA @ 2.9 kg

iii. BELLA's eyes

BELLA's eye had always been like this.  It would be momentarily better when I applied some eye-meds in her eyes, but never did this disappear completely and yet she looks perfectly well, though she's the smallest in size among the 4 of them.  Because of her eyes, she's given antibiotic, I hope it's nothing really. and I think it really is nothing.

While I was there, I managed to get further info regarding my import-export procedure. =)


zaza said...

sejak ditipu petknode minggu lepas, hajat nak pasang m.chip untuk my cat. tq for the info!!

LoVe said...

sorry for what you and your cats went through.. must be horrible...

as you can see, dah lama I xupdate blog ni.. sb ada case menyakitkan hati berlaku over a year ago.. skrg pun my sakit hati blm fully recover... nak kene tenang2 fikiran btl2 baru boleh update critenye kat sini kot...

stay strong k.. visited your page, glad your darlings are doing better.