Thursday, April 8, 2010

another visit to the vet..

this round of trip I took BULAN and SUNSHINE.
BULAN @ 4.0 kg

i. passport pics.
BULAN had already gotten his microchip earlier on in January.  So today he only had to get the pet ID thingy done.  Pic taking with BULAN had been the easiest one so far.

ii. rabies vaccination
BULAN also got his rabies vaccination today.  *sigh* I wasn't very thrilled with today's visit to the vet due to this one thing.  BULAN didn't seem to like the guy who was suppose to give him the jab.  We spent so long to attempt the shot, but it was just not working out with BULAN and the guy.  I was getting stressed out, as I painted my own picture of the guy.  I was so so so hoping that someone else would come to the rescue and do the shot, and thank God someone did ( I like this kakak, I've always noted how kindly she handles the cats).  and when she did the shot, BULAN did not at all move a bit.  I concluded, there's something about the way u hold the cat, and pulled on the skin to prepare for the jab, otherwise, why did BULAN show totally different reactions to these two people right? with the guy, BULAN snapped at him as he was preparing the site of injecting.  with the kakak, I think she had the luxury of time to to this as BULAN did not at all react to her touch.  I don't want to criticize too much, but there's more to this other than BULAN's reaction alone.  And in my own opinion I have my own valid reason as to why I don't want my cats to be treated by him after this. 
iii. deworm
BULAN also got his deworm pil today.  It's been expired for a while ordy, as I just didn't have the time to get them to the vet.  I can actually just purchase the pills, but I need to know their weight for the dosage.  Hence, I've been hunting around for a baby weighing scale.  anyone??

SUNSHINE @ 4.08 kg
i.  microchip + passport pics.
SUNSHINE got her microchip and passport pics taken for her ID.  She had been a lady =), apart from her paws pushing your hands away to resist u, she in general did fine.  Although, I have some preoccupations, that i don't feel like mentioning here, as it may come across as me being overly paranoid, but I think these are valid feelings.  I'll monitor this 2 closely and hope they both will be just fine.
Pic taking with SUNSHINE, was ok.  she wasn't as still as BULAN, but still she did better then her 4 kittens that went last week.

ii.  deworm
SUNSHINE too got her deworm pils.  She's 4.08 kg now? Yes, she's put on weight, and it's observable.  She was 3.2 kg, when she came in July.  3.8 kg after 1 month pregnancy.  3.3 kg 2 months after the kittens came.  and now she's 4.08 kg and looking healthy by weight and by coat =)

*SUNSHINE would've also gotten her rabies shot, but since she got her microchip in today, I figured she'll get the shot later.  Don't want her to have double the pain.