Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Import-Export Affair: update


1. Basic health requirement
'On going' and considered done thing.

2. Contact the Veterinary Department
Recent contacts were regarding the rabies vaccination.  Here I asked, and they said usually the rabies vacc is needed.  Erm... there my mom asked, and they say, it's encouraged, but if u don't hv it, it doesn't mean that the cat can't come in and if u hv it, it doesn't mean the duration of quarantine will definitely be shortened... aikss?  so what's it gonna be?

3. Microchips
done @ RM25 (microchip) + RM12

4.  Rabies vaccination

My stand was, if it's required, we'll go.  If it's encouraged, lets read and weigh the risk and benefits.  I didn't have much time to read and research on it (I won't have time for any of that until this months is over =( so I asked around.  Many seem to say that rabies vacc is a requirement for any import-export affair.  Which in my head, meant, all those pedigree cats that go to shows must have rabies vaccination and they should be healthy as any cats can be rights? So go for it, moreover, if it's required, and I've been talking to the wrong personnel (about it not being required),then how? Cut the story short... it's decided. Rabies vacc is next in line.

Update: 5/9, 4 more to go. RM40 per cat

5.  Carrier
update: 4/9, 5 more to go.

6.  Flight ticket
This is up next, as I need the details to get the import permit.

7.  Import permit
Coming soon after the flight details is ready.  Estimated RM11 per cat.

8.  Export permit
Later on... Estimated RM36 per cat

9.  Quarantine
Min. duration 1 week.  Max duration 1 months.  Estimated RM4/day per cat.

**Additional cost.
RM15/kg for the flight.  With minimum charge of RM75 ~ 5 kg.  Not sure, minimum in total or minimum for each cat.

I heard about this, from someone: transportation from the airport to the quarantine centre estimated ~ RM10