Saturday, April 17, 2010

Their Identification Card

After our multiple visit to the vet plus me escaping work (*whoops* ;-) with permission of course!), the 9 of them now have their Identification Card..weeeeeee.....Thanks to the mr. photographers, vets, ass. vets and all for entertaining my 9 cats that come in a package with attitude =D

Because this is kinda new, let me post 'em here, and I do encourage pet owners to get their pets' registered too (tho for the time being, this has yet expanded to other veterinary hospitals, keep watching out ya).. I look forward to the development of somekind of a system for my beloved cats =).  Here goesss....

The front cover

Page 1 and Page 2
Page 1:  Owner's Details with Picture (captured there and then)
Page 2: Pet's Details

Page 3 and Page 4
These pages are for change of ownership.
I'm thinking this is good for tracking down the new pet owner for cases of neglect and others.  Assuming that they'll put this info in their computerized database.  Emm.. but then again, since this is so so new, I suppose no one has used these pages yet.  I would like to suggest that IC numbers of new pet owners be taken too, or maybe they do have it in their system, it's just not included in this page ya.  B'coz I think I gave my IC number but it's just not written on here.

Page 4 and Page 5
The pet's pictures
Capturing this can be challenging depending on the cat.  Pictures are taken from the front, back, left and right.  Here are my 9 =)










Page 7 and Page 8
These pages are for records of their vaccination.

Page 9 and Page 10
Parasite control?? I wonder what

Page 11 and Page 12:  Deworming records
I don't actually agree with this page.  Deworming is done like 3-monthly, in no time this page would be full already.  Moreover, unlike vaccinations there isn't a need to go to the vet for this and hence it doesn't really warrant authorized signature and stamp right?  Just my thoughts :)

Page 13 to Page 21
Permit Pemindahan/Movement Permit
I'm not sure, but I suppose it refers to change of ownership.  Or maybe not, maybe it is movement in terms of logistics?  Well, we'll be moving, so will find out whether they'll use this page or not

Back Cover

Tadaaa!! My cats have official documents. =)


ashykyn said...

how much does that cost you..and to what extend the doc will help in..err..anyway?

microchipping would be a better choice.. or did they did that too?

LoVe said...

It's RM37 each for the card + microchip. RM12 for the card alone for the ones that already got their microchips, as the microchip cost RM25.

What do u mean ya to what extend to doc will help?

yeaps, it comes with microchip. Previously once microchip is implanted, it only came with a piece of paper with the cat's detail and microchip number, I guess with this ID card, it's better organized now :)

ashykyn said...

owhh ok..becoz aside the hu ha in petfinder, I do not see the purpose of the ID documents aside microchip #. (^^)

LoVe said...

ah i see.. now i get u... I thought, u meant to what extend doctor will help? hehehe.. silap interpret...

anyhow..ya ya.. wt microchip ;)