Monday, June 29, 2009

Midvalley Cat Show 28 June 2009: BULAN & BINTANG

This time around, we got both BULAN and BINTANG in. Neither one got any ranking, but I was happy to show them off. As in his previous cat show, BULAN remained quiet and withdrawn, he slept or rather shut his eyes thorughout the day. He refuse to even eat or drink anything. As for BINTANG, she initially enjoyed playing and entertaining the people that came to tease her, but eventually she got irritated which is something I'd never seen before. She was stressed out that she growled and wanted to grasp people who tried to get a hold of her. I'm thinking she was probably frustrated that she failed to grasp the papers and feathery toys poked in her cage. She was so irritated and moody that she even growled at BULAN. Anyhow, we (humans) enjoyed the day, I'm not too sure about them (cats), but still I love them both dearly.

Monday, June 15, 2009

MICHIKO & YUMIEKO 1st visit to vet

The 15th of June, was their first trip to the vet, they were planned to get their first vaccination. Instead, on the way to the vet, I noticed something on YUMIEKO'S left hand. I freaked out! I'd never seen anything like that before, it was scaly, something like dried wound as I first described it. I had no idea, and I thought it was soooo bad, that I felt really, really, really bad for not noticing it sooner. I wonder how she could've gotten that and how long she'd gotten that.

Turns out it was fungus. Read around and I suppose it's ringworm. But how is that possible?? I've not idea, it could've been my house, but never had I seen it with the first 3 cats. I read that she may have already had it, and could have been trigerred by stress, due to new environment and presence of the other cats. What ever it was, it better go away soon.

So instead of vaccination, she was treated for that, they cleaned the area and prescribed some pils and cream to apply, they said it wasn't so bad that she didn't need to be injected for that. Apparently the thing spread fast so it probably had only been a few days.

YUMIEKO could actually still be vaccinated, but because of her condition, I didn't want to have her vaccinated, which may add more stressor to her. Further more, I got the impression that they were surprised to know that she's already 3 months, but if I say she's 3 months then she's good to go for the vaccination. So I decided not to, after all, her size was kinda small.

As for MICHIKO, he was there for the walk. I didn't want him vaccinated either, coz I wanted to save the trip for their future boosters, so I want them to have their vaccination on the same date.

They came in one carrier, so to avoid passing on of the fungus (which may have already been passed on anyway) on the way back, MICHIKO was in my bag which he pretty much enjoyed.