Tuesday, July 28, 2009

MICHIKO, YUMIEKO & SUNSHINE to vet for 1st vaccination

Off they went for their 1st vaccination..... Happy to find that all three were still active and playful even after the jab.

Monday, July 20, 2009

A welcome back for SUNSHINE =)

It was nearly 12 midnight on 17 July 2009, that I went on before I was to call it a night. and what I found activated my physiological systems which made my body decided that it wasn't time to sleep.

It was difficult to digest, but I searched for the advertiser and found that it seemed like he was letting go all of his cats. and his phone number was really him, the same one I had saved in my hp. I really didn't want to think about it. Earlier on, after I gave up on her, I had decided that 4 cats is a max for me for the time being. But what do I do in this situation? For goodness sake, this is the cat that I cried over and wanted to fight over her, and now... she may end up in anyone's hand. What was I to do? Recalling what I had gone through about 3-4 months back, it was no joke, and I remember that as I was crying over her before handing her back, I talked to her and told her if she wanted to stay, please make something happen and just some how make herself end up at my place again. But because nothing happened, I decided that she wanted to be with her owner, that's how I forced myself into giving up on her. It took weeks, before I really gave up on her and all those while, I stupidly drove around nowhere, thinking that if it was meant to be, I may just get lucky and see her on the streets.

I wanted to just pretend I didn't see the ad, I really didn't want to go on that emotional roller coaster again. It wasn't fun. But then, I had said myself, that for whatever reason if the owner didn't want her anymore, I'd welcome her back. So that was it.


It was towards the end of the month, and $$ was really not there, Worry #1. Thankfully, dad was generous enough to contribute. then there comes Worry #2, now that I've decided to get 'the cat' and $$ is ready, what if she's already off with a new owner??

The next morning, as BULAN was participating in a cat show. I contacted the owner enquiring regarding 'the cat'. Yups, he knew me and he had to let his cats go due to personal reasons. So I arranged to get 'the cat' that evening/night. I headed for 'the cat' straightaway after sending BULAN home after the cat show. On my way there, I was so anxious to find that I was unable to contact the owner. Oh God! I was so worried that history may repeat itself, Worry #3. But FINALLY we got there, and there she was. Hanging around with 2 other cats, a male and a female, the female one is her sibling. I'm so sorry that I had to separate them, but I couldn't afford to get the others and I can't afford to add more cats into the house. 4 was enough, now 5 is more than enough.

It was unfortunate for the owner to have gone through what he was going through, and I do feel kinda selfish that I contribute nothing to help him deal with it, and I was happy to take 'the cat' from him. After handing over a small amount of cash, I could let out my deep breathe that SUNSHINE was back =). On the other hand, oh shoot.. I now have 5 cats....

CFA cat show The Mall: BULAN

It was held for 2 days, 18-19th of July 2009. We decided to put BULAN in because his condition was the best among others. With awareness of the fact that his temperament hadn't been so that good in previous shows, we'd just put him in for the experience and also to mingle with other cat lovers there. And also to familiarize with CFA-shows...some interest has started to kick in on you gotta start somewhere... we'll take it slowly, so I'll start off with getting to know how others manage theirss.....

Anyhow, back to BULAN and the show, of course as usual he remained being himself (that is him when he's not in his own safe territory), very quiet but this time around he was a bit better, maybe because we really stayed by his cage and accompanied him most of the time that he was actually responding to our play invites with the feathery toy. He managed to get ranking for all 6 rings (in the top 10), hehe mind you, there were only 10 cats that participated in the HHP category, so of course....hihihi.... weren't we delighted, but I think BULAN wasn't =p

Monday, July 6, 2009

Midvalley Cat Show 5 July 2009: BULAN

BULAN went to a cat show at mid val, this time without me =( anyhow, he didn't win anything, but I still wished I could've been there. Owh.. it was suppose to be both BULAN & BINTANG, but BINTANG seems to be un-fit.. she's got bald-spot on her.. I think it's somekind of fungus, but it's on the way to recovering.

Pictures of BULAN, I think I have pictures of him from several shows, and he looks the same in each one of them, because that's just BULAN, he keeps himself quiet all day long. He wouldn't respond to play invites and not even to food or drinks even though he hadn't eaten anything all day long! Errrm... maybe he's really hating all this shows...