Monday, July 20, 2009

CFA cat show The Mall: BULAN

It was held for 2 days, 18-19th of July 2009. We decided to put BULAN in because his condition was the best among others. With awareness of the fact that his temperament hadn't been so that good in previous shows, we'd just put him in for the experience and also to mingle with other cat lovers there. And also to familiarize with CFA-shows...some interest has started to kick in on you gotta start somewhere... we'll take it slowly, so I'll start off with getting to know how others manage theirss.....

Anyhow, back to BULAN and the show, of course as usual he remained being himself (that is him when he's not in his own safe territory), very quiet but this time around he was a bit better, maybe because we really stayed by his cage and accompanied him most of the time that he was actually responding to our play invites with the feathery toy. He managed to get ranking for all 6 rings (in the top 10), hehe mind you, there were only 10 cats that participated in the HHP category, so of course....hihihi.... weren't we delighted, but I think BULAN wasn't =p