Tuesday, August 25, 2009

SUNSHINE IS pregnant

So far, it's a YES, SHE'S PREGNANT. If you want confirmation, you can go to another clinic to scan, our scanner is broken.

Oh SUNSHINE, who's the father??? huhuhu.... I don't like uncertainty, unplanned things.... but nothing can change a fact right.... we're not going for the scan, I'd like to remain in denial...

I don't think so.... after all, they didn't feel anything.... they were like, yeah, she look pregnant, oh feel here, it's here,'s empty, so maybe not...oh wait, look at the nipple, it's swelling, yeah, it's a sign of pregnancy..has she been pregnant before? NO, oh okay.. so that means she's pregnant.

So I'm gonna shut both eyes and ignore those, but then again, she'll need extra care, oh well, I'll give extra care to all of them...but then again...but then.. and again..oh what the heck!

Monday, August 24, 2009

2nd vaccination for MICHIKO, YUMIEKO & SUNSHINE

Off they went for their 2nd vaccination... and as for SUNSHINE....

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

SUNSHINE's pregnant?

After about 1 week SUNSHINE came back to the family, I immediately took her and the other two to the vet. Reasons being, I have no idea of her medical background, previous owner said he thinks he's taken her for vaccination once, but couldn't recall when and couldn't recall where he had placed the cards. Which is important for me, because one day, they're all going to travel by air ;-). I wanted to know her health condition, I didn't allow her to mingle with the others yet because worried that she might be carrying something... because I got the idea that she sometimes spent time outdoors, with 'friends' out there.... Another reason was that, I thought she was on heat, and the previous owner said so too. I had no idea how a cat would be when she's on heat, but I knew she was already over 9 months of age.

So those were the reasons that I didn't want to delay her vaccination. So as I was there, I kinda asked them when is the soonest I can spay her, does anyone do it in between the 1st and the 2nd jab? (Actually, I found it frightening to handle a cat on heat, so I really didn't want to do that, thus wanted to rush the spaying). But it wasn't suggestible AND to top that, the vet (or was it the ass.) said, isn't she pregnant already?

WTF??!! I thought....

The vet felt her tummy, felt around, felt the nipples..... oh, then again maybe not. perhaps she's just on heat.

phew!! wasn't I glad. no worry, she's fully indoor and no potential mating partner for her.

Weeks go by, and she seems to be eating soooo much and growing big. Uh-oh. The amount of food she ate in a day, was equivalent to the total amount of food the other 4 cats ate in a day. Read around, and yeah, it was quite reasonable to suspect that she's pregnant. To put more logic into it, there is a male cat in her previous home and previous owner claimed that although she was on heat, she didn't want with him, maybe because she considered him as her father. Haha.. Yes, I accepted that, because I wanted to believe that. And another statement was....well, she did go out the other day, I wonder if she mated with cats out side, but I don't think so, because she wasn't out for long.

So here I am, with a suspected pregnant cat. Let's think positive, until it's confirmed....