Thursday, April 29, 2010

MJ to another vet.

Took MJ to the vet (again) for some consultation.

Apparently, they don't give Ivermectin injections, unless for severe cases where topical treatment does not show effects, as an injection may cause additional stress to the cat's body.  With ear mites and fur mites, they would recommend for Frontline Spot On and Ear Canker.  MJ was given some vitamins, as he looked a bit weak, which probably was due to the injection.

After doing some research and consultations.  I've decided to not go for the 2nd Ivermection.  After all, it would be too troublesome for me (alone with 9 cats).  And if it does cause additional stress to the cat's body, then I'll opt out.  I would like to minimize the possibility for stress on them as I think the traveling and quarantine they'll have to go through will be highly stressful for them.

So Frontline Spot One and Troy Ear Canker for the 9 of them.  This calls for another project with the cats.

I had been looking for this from the 1st time we had an ear mite attack.
I got it for RM18 each.

I got 3 boxes of this Frontline Spot On for my 9 cats.
but am wondering, why it looks different from the ones I have bought previously.

and the pipet is in blue

as compared to the previous box

and the pipet was in green

Friday, April 23, 2010

a new problem has arise =(

Initially, I found YUMIEKO to have bald spot on her ear (*suspected ear mites that had never been completely resolved).  Then I found MJ to hava a bald spot on his ear (*which appeared overnight).  Then the peak was when I found MJ had bumps on him, about 4 if I recall correctly, 2 on the right side and 2 on the left side.  There were red ones, and there were pale ones that were just about to pop out.  OF COURSE, I freaked out, did research on the net and headed for the vet.  I took both MJ and YUMIEKO.

Through the microscope, mites were found in the sample taken from MJ's ear and fur.  So the answers are ear mites and fur mites.  Ear mites? yeah I believe it had been there all the while (since SUNSHINE introduced it to the others) and was probably never resolved completely.  Fur mites? I can't be too sure of where this might came from, as the cats are completely indoor, so I suppose I am to be blamed :-| I could have been the medium carrying it with me into the house after I'd been in contact with other cats ( including strays).  And I'd have to admit that I do let people touch and carry my cats when we visit the vet, which (duh!) would be a good source for many kinds of illness.

MJ was given shots of Ivermectin & Methylpred.  While YUMIEKO was given a shot of Ivermectin.  And since all 9 of them live together at all times, it was assumed that the rest of them would have the same things on them, so off we went and took the other 7 in for their shot of Ivermectin (luckily my Mr Fiance was around to help me out, so we were done after only 2 round of trips).

Ivermectin:  it is a broad spectrum anti-parasitic medication
Methylpred: it is used for its anti-inflammatory effect, in the treatment of allergic reactions and inflammatory diseases *in this case, it's allergy to the bites

We were told to come back for the 2nd and 3rd dose of Ivermectin, in a gap of 2 weeks  BUT by then, I'd be on my own with 9 cats (that means at least 4 round of trips).  And as for the 3rd dose, it'll be so near to our travelling date, so the vet said I can use the Frontline spray to replace.. Ermm.. 

 Review on the vet:
*The vet and assistants handled the cats so gently, that it helped with the cats' anxiety :)
*The injection was a breeze for each one of the cats.  We didn't need to spend so long a time at the vet to get 7 cats injected (on the 2nd trip)
*it's a yay! on how the cats were handled =). no additional stress for the cats on top of the already stressful car rides, the new environment with probable scents of other cats and dogs and also dogs barking..

*vet said the 3rd dose, can be replaced with Frontline, heeee how about the 2nd?
*vet mentioned 'owh, the others look ok huh' to the other 7 cats.

this calls for some research on the net!

**It was on Friday noon, and I was rushing to catch with my due date by 4 pm.  But when I found MJ with the bumps on him, immediately dropped everything, texted my supervisor about not being able to meet the due date and off we went to the vet.  After we were done at the vet, went to see my supervisor and handed in half of my stuff and the rest will come in on Monday. Phew! Thank god, for such a considerate supervisor =)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Oh NO!

It's 2.30 am and I was busy doing work (yes..yes.. life as a student =P) when I heard a cat's meowing (not exactly a meow, more of a cat's sound) that i haven't heard before.  I got distracted from work and decided to check it out.  Oh boy!! was I surprised to find MJ on top of BELLA.  BELLA innocently refuse and ran around as MJ chased after her.  I wasn't looking forward to this.  The thought did occur to me and I did make a call for an appointment for both BELLA and DONNA, but I had to cancel when I realized that they just had their rabies shot  less than 2 weeks ago.  So I've put that aside and planned it for next week.

Now BELLA and DONNA are out here with me, and goodness are they enjoying themselves, all my papers are flying all over the place!  And I can hear MJ meowing from inside their room.  In the middle of my hectic schedule (1 more week to go as a student =D, at least for the time being =P), I'm gonna have to set up the place for BELLA and DONNA to be separated from the others :-(

So it's definite, BELLA and DONNA is going by next week.  but what shall I do with the meowing MJ??  I thought of waiting til he fully matures, as I don't want him to go through a double operation as MICHIKO did, but he's meowing already.. can he hang on for another 2 months (as I've been told, approximately that's when he'll probably reach full maturation)?? MJ oh MJ... what shall we do about u...

Monday, April 19, 2010

Payment for the import permit

Yesh.. Payment for the import permit has been made. It cost RM11 for the one license. Hehe.. I knew the figure was RM11, but in my case, it would be either RM11 for one license or RM99 for 9 cats. Turns out it's RM11 for the license alone. Now is the 3-day waiting period.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

import permit: update

It's Sunday, and I checked online to find our online application has been approved.. yay!  It was approved at 10.17 am this morning (18 April 2010 on a SUNDAY).  I know it's online and you can do it anywhere and anytime, but I'm impressed and happy that they did it even when it's not within their office hours.  Thank you Mr. Approval Sir. heh! Someone will go make the payment, tomorrow and I hope for the documents to be in my hands within this week. *weeeeeeee.....=D*

I was worried that this online thing may take long, so I've been bugging them by phone. and it turned out so quick.  I called on Thursday before I submitted the form.  And on Friday by 3 pm, the form's status was 'insufficient'.  I made amendments to the form and callled, they told me to wait for validation and after the form is 'validated', wait for it to be 'approved' which would probably be by Monday.  On Friday by 4 pm, the status was 'validated'! and now on Sunday at 10.17 am, it has been approved!


random update: on food

~just a random update~

I've been going on and on and on, about the hectic ongoing things have gone on with the 9 of them.. but it has been so long ago that I last updated about the basics of their daily lives...Food, Drinks, Litter, Supplements, Grooming.. heee.. not that short a list  I guess...

First up is regarding their food.  I'll have to admit, it hadn't been easy to decide on which and what to give.  But when I didn't know much, it was so easy to just pick up whatever I saw at the supermarket...  yes, I guiltily fed BULAN and BINTANG (my first 2), with unhealthy food. heeeee...But when things got serious.. food matters most.  It had been a long long long process, before I derived with my own conclusion.  I can explain more if there are curious people out there, but for now, I'll just summarize the finals of my decision.  Apparently, I dun have pictures of all the packages, so grabbed some for the net, hence the package we have locally may differ ya.

First of all, when people ask what I give them, I don't have just 1 answer.  I alternate their food about 2-weekly, and when I see signs of reduced liking towards the food, I'd mix 2 kinds together.

At the moment, they're taking Royal Canin Hair & Skin.

Alternatingly with Royal Canin Fit32 + Innova Evo

BULAN showed disliking towards RC Fit32, hence Innova Evo was added in.  I can't give Innova Evo alone, because MICHIKO becomes diarrheal ~ most likely due to the high protein content that he can't tolerate.

Another combination is Blackwood kitten + Salmon Bleu
because BULAN has developed disliking towards Blackwood Kitten

More in my list...

Royal Canin Kitten 36: u see I have 7-month kittens, but they just LOVE adult food, and hence another reason for the mix and match.  So when I have the time (which I don't nowadays) I'd take the 4 kittens out put in a cage for a few hours to feed them this.

When the kittens were younger, they were given Royal Canin BabyCat34

During this time, they had to stay in a different room because i) they were still too young and not ready to mingle with the others, ii) the adults LOVEd to eat this RC BabyCat34.  yeah, yeah.. the adults like kitten food, the kittens like adult food, any reasons why I shouldn't go nuts??

Here are other options that I may go for (and I have gone for) in times of crisis such as no stocks available nearby or BULAN starts giving me problems.  Orijen and Acana, the thing is, BINTANG doesn't like this two and BULAN wouldn't last long before he'd start demanding for other food.

If you noticed, BULAN is the one with fuss, when it comes to food.  He actually likes Blackwood Adult, but I have a greater preference over Innove Evo and Orijen.  Moreover, because I have guiltily given BULAN and BINTANG unhealthy food earlier on, I feel the need to make sure these two eat proper and hope that it'll compensate for whatever effect the earlier unhealthy food may have on their health.
I am particularly still confused with wetfood.  But occasionally (especially when BULAN shows problem), I'd let them indulge with wetfood.

Fancy Feast Royale
All of them run at the sight of this, except for BINTANG

Natural Balance
With BINTANG as an exception, the rest would run for Natural Balance too.  BINTANG would eventually eat too after a while, that is if the others have left her with any at all.  I've tried feeding her alone, and same thing she'd wait for a while before she'd start eating.  My concern is that wetfood aren't suppose to be left exposed for long period of time.

A most recent one, Innova-Evo.
Now I'm surprised, all of them including BINTANG would run and push each other away to fight for this.  I never really tried this before, because it comes in a big can of 374g.  So now that there are 9 of them, they can together finish up a can without leftovers :)

Apart from these they also occasionally get boiled chicken or salmon *yes, they are a bunch of spoiled cats*.  However, BULAN sometimes refuse chicken, and BINTANG at all times would consistently refuse chicken or salmon. errmmm...

**Because BULAN has been repeatedly mentioned here let me just explain on his behalf :) He is a big eater, when I'm late with his food, he'd meow loudly and bite me if I'm around.  Telling me to get his food, which means he's hungry right? so hungry that he'd eat ANYTHING, u may think. But NO.  If it's not what he wants, he'll keep biting me, start running around, he'd slap the others (usually SUNSHINE) so that they can't eat or even use the litter.  He'll meow and meow, till I think i've gone crazy.  That means he has gotten sick of the kibbles we have.  At times like this, I'd take him out, and give him (alone) a can of wet food.  He'll eat and I'd return him to their room, and he may or may not eat the kibbles, but obviously noted he won't bully the others.  I know some people say, u let him starve so that he'd eat anything u serve right? well, I have tried ignoring BULAN and just feeding them as usual.  the behavior of course reduced, but he becomes moody and unfriendly and obviously lose weight.  And when weight loss is obvious then it's just too much, weight loss --> reduced energy --> reduced immune system and so so so on... sometimes I get too busy, that I don't notice whether BULAN has been eating well or not, but I'll definitely notice it when he starts losing weight.  and a recent encounter I had, cats too have gastric, if they miss their meals.  so I don't wanna deal with that.  If you miss ur meal, and get gastric, u suffer, nothing to do wt me right =P.  but if BULAN miss his meals, and gets gastric, he suffer = I suffer?? 

**BINTANG: she only takes kibbles, and refuse chicken, salmon, wetfood.  She loves Innova Evo dry food most.  and recently discovered that she'd also eat Innova Evo wetfood :)

**MICHIKO: eats ANYTHING.  including MY food.  so I gotta be careful when he's hanging around out here.  He becomes diarrheal with Innova Evo kibbles and he'd get moody when he is smelly because of faeces remaining on the fur of his behind =D. and so who has to clean after that =P

**SUNSHINE, YUMIEKO, SUNNY, BELLA, MJ & DONNA: so far they've been find with whatever I've given them.  and they do not take MY food.

~it would be easier and less costly if they can stick on one kind of food, but with the attitude they've been giving me, I don't think it's possible.  Moreover, I also have an idea that I do not want them to be dependent on only 1 type.  Because there are possibilities of recalls and discontinuation,  and if a particularly batch of production is spoiled or some sort, I can hope that the detrimental effects it may have on my cats would be minimal, since my cats do not fully rely on that one kind of cat food =)~

I have derived to my final conclusion after lots of reading and researching.. I shall attached the links if and when I have the time to find the materials.  Bon appetit to the cats!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Flight tickets & Re. Import Permit

In between my packed schedule this past few days, I managed to get my flight tickets (for the human ya). It was so difficult for me to decide on a date. I'd like to go sooner, but I also plan to get BELLA and DONNA spayed before we go, so I gotta give some time for them to recover.

But anyhow the date is fixed. We're going on a Monday and it's a morning flight. Heeee.. so that it won't be too hot for them (not that I know how it'll be, but it's a just in case). I also want to arrive during office hours, so that I can straight away go to the quarantine centre (whereever that'll be) and set up their sleeping place =( and work on apealling and begging etc, to get the duration of quarantine shortened.

My flight ticket is ready, to be on the safe side, I shall call the office for further details on the cats' travelling needs.

Next is the import permit, I've made contact with the Veterinary Services there, so here  are the steps...

  1. apply online: gotta have the microchip numbers in and estimate date of arrival
  2. validated online form:  online application will be reviewed, they'll gv feedback on whether the application is validated (form completed and so wait for approval) or insufficient (form incompleted, needs changes before it is processed
  3. Approval: wait for the online application to be approved
  4. Payment: once the online application is approved, someone there (at the destination) will have to go and make payment. RM11 for one cat?? RM11 for the license? we'll find out soon.  this person will only need to mention my name and license number that I got form my online application
  5. Collect permit: 3 days after payment, this person (at the destination) will have to go and collect the import permit
  6. Delivery: the original import permit has to be in my hands.

Their Identification Card

After our multiple visit to the vet plus me escaping work (*whoops* ;-) with permission of course!), the 9 of them now have their Identification Card..weeeeeee.....Thanks to the mr. photographers, vets, ass. vets and all for entertaining my 9 cats that come in a package with attitude =D

Because this is kinda new, let me post 'em here, and I do encourage pet owners to get their pets' registered too (tho for the time being, this has yet expanded to other veterinary hospitals, keep watching out ya).. I look forward to the development of somekind of a system for my beloved cats =).  Here goesss....

The front cover

Page 1 and Page 2
Page 1:  Owner's Details with Picture (captured there and then)
Page 2: Pet's Details

Page 3 and Page 4
These pages are for change of ownership.
I'm thinking this is good for tracking down the new pet owner for cases of neglect and others.  Assuming that they'll put this info in their computerized database.  Emm.. but then again, since this is so so new, I suppose no one has used these pages yet.  I would like to suggest that IC numbers of new pet owners be taken too, or maybe they do have it in their system, it's just not included in this page ya.  B'coz I think I gave my IC number but it's just not written on here.

Page 4 and Page 5
The pet's pictures
Capturing this can be challenging depending on the cat.  Pictures are taken from the front, back, left and right.  Here are my 9 =)










Page 7 and Page 8
These pages are for records of their vaccination.

Page 9 and Page 10
Parasite control?? I wonder what

Page 11 and Page 12:  Deworming records
I don't actually agree with this page.  Deworming is done like 3-monthly, in no time this page would be full already.  Moreover, unlike vaccinations there isn't a need to go to the vet for this and hence it doesn't really warrant authorized signature and stamp right?  Just my thoughts :)

Page 13 to Page 21
Permit Pemindahan/Movement Permit
I'm not sure, but I suppose it refers to change of ownership.  Or maybe not, maybe it is movement in terms of logistics?  Well, we'll be moving, so will find out whether they'll use this page or not

Back Cover

Tadaaa!! My cats have official documents. =)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

and finally, the last our trips to the vet

YUMIEKO, got her rabies vacc and deworm (as I failed to do that on my own at home).  Again, I like this kakak, she handle the cats so gently.  As for the other guy that handle YUMIEKO yesterday, he was the same one that handled BULAN last week.  I wouldn't know, but maybe he has some aura of anxiety that the cats can sense.  or perhaps BULAN has passed the info to the others heheheeeeeee....He is a nice guy tho, he shall improve with time =).

SO, on the whole, my pre-preparation is done. microchip: done. rabies: done. next is to get my flight ticket and the import permit.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

As usual.. off the to vet

Today, I made two trips to the vet and I thought this would be the last of it.  2 cats in the morning, 2 cats in the afternoon.  BUT one of them was not cooperative, so another visit tomorrow.

In the morning, I took BINTANG and YUMIEKO.  Both of them were suppose to get their rabies vaccination, deworm and pet passport done.

BINTANG @ 4.22 kg
-deworm: done
-rabies vacc: done
-pet passport: done.
**she roared a bit, but she did fine =)

YUMIEKO @ 3.52 kg ( seems like she never grows)
-derworm: so far not possible at the hosp or at home
-rabies vacc: not done, couldn't even get her temperature taken properly
-pet passport: done
**yesss.. it was YUMIEKO who will cost me another trip tomoroow.  She didn't want to be held, she was so stressed out that her temperature went up.  Because her temperature was high, I dared not take any chance and hence did not push her to taking the shot.  I've asked around and the rabies shot is a requirement for export-import, so i'll still need to take her there...

In the afternoon.....

-rabies: done
**she was ok, apart form a bit whining.  everything else is done.  she didn't get her rabies shot last week, coz she had just gotten her microchip. dun want double pain for her.

MICHIKO @ 4.9 kg
-deworm: done
-rabies vacc: done
-pet passport: done
**as usualy my cry baby would cry and whine, not wanting to be there, but he is manageable.
so for the sake of YUMIEKO, another trip tomorrow!
I shall hope tomorrow will be the last of my consecutive visits to the vet!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Import-Export Affair: update


1. Basic health requirement
'On going' and considered done thing.

2. Contact the Veterinary Department
Recent contacts were regarding the rabies vaccination.  Here I asked, and they said usually the rabies vacc is needed.  Erm... there my mom asked, and they say, it's encouraged, but if u don't hv it, it doesn't mean that the cat can't come in and if u hv it, it doesn't mean the duration of quarantine will definitely be shortened... aikss?  so what's it gonna be?

3. Microchips
done @ RM25 (microchip) + RM12

4.  Rabies vaccination

My stand was, if it's required, we'll go.  If it's encouraged, lets read and weigh the risk and benefits.  I didn't have much time to read and research on it (I won't have time for any of that until this months is over =( so I asked around.  Many seem to say that rabies vacc is a requirement for any import-export affair.  Which in my head, meant, all those pedigree cats that go to shows must have rabies vaccination and they should be healthy as any cats can be rights? So go for it, moreover, if it's required, and I've been talking to the wrong personnel (about it not being required),then how? Cut the story short... it's decided. Rabies vacc is next in line.

Update: 5/9, 4 more to go. RM40 per cat

5.  Carrier
update: 4/9, 5 more to go.

6.  Flight ticket
This is up next, as I need the details to get the import permit.

7.  Import permit
Coming soon after the flight details is ready.  Estimated RM11 per cat.

8.  Export permit
Later on... Estimated RM36 per cat

9.  Quarantine
Min. duration 1 week.  Max duration 1 months.  Estimated RM4/day per cat.

**Additional cost.
RM15/kg for the flight.  With minimum charge of RM75 ~ 5 kg.  Not sure, minimum in total or minimum for each cat.

I heard about this, from someone: transportation from the airport to the quarantine centre estimated ~ RM10

Friday, April 9, 2010

and again another visit to the vet..

This round: SUNNY / BELLA / MJ / DONNA

I didn't initially plan for this visit, but i) I left all their pet ID (wt microchip numbers) at the hosp, and I need to apply for their import by early next week, so I'd have to pick those up anyhow and ii) I don't want to have long gaps between their rabies shot, ( so that it'll be fine to have their yearly booster at one go), so I have to get all of them done within this 2 weeks.  I can only go at most twice next week and for each trip I can take a max of about 8 kg, so do the maths.

the number of trips for rabies vacc: (4 trips in 2 weeks=2 trips in 1 week)
i.   BULAN (4kg) + SUNSHINE: microcip (4kg)= 8 kg.
ii.  4 kittens (3.4+3.0+2.9+2.0) = 11.3 kg (overloaded)
iii. BINTANG (est: 4kg) + YUMIEKO (est: 4kg) = 8 kg
iv. MICHIKO (est 4 kg) + SUNSHINE (4 kg) = 8 kg

So I had to go today.  Was I happy to see the kakak treat my cats =).

SUNNY: he was ok, though moving around.
BELLA: she was absolutely fine
MJ: he didn't like it, he resisted the shot and had to be injected twice.  but single dose ya ;-)
DONNA: was absolutely fine

-I've collected their pet passports/ID thingy.  I'll post them up when I get the chance to, or I've a complete collection of all 9.
-3 more passports to go (BINTANG, MICHIKO, YUMIEKO)
-4 more rabies shot to go (BINTANG, MICHIKO,YUMIEKO, SUNSHINE)

planned visits: 2 more vet visit.  spaying BELLA & DONNA.  final vet visit for export permit.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

another visit to the vet..

this round of trip I took BULAN and SUNSHINE.
BULAN @ 4.0 kg

i. passport pics.
BULAN had already gotten his microchip earlier on in January.  So today he only had to get the pet ID thingy done.  Pic taking with BULAN had been the easiest one so far.

ii. rabies vaccination
BULAN also got his rabies vaccination today.  *sigh* I wasn't very thrilled with today's visit to the vet due to this one thing.  BULAN didn't seem to like the guy who was suppose to give him the jab.  We spent so long to attempt the shot, but it was just not working out with BULAN and the guy.  I was getting stressed out, as I painted my own picture of the guy.  I was so so so hoping that someone else would come to the rescue and do the shot, and thank God someone did ( I like this kakak, I've always noted how kindly she handles the cats).  and when she did the shot, BULAN did not at all move a bit.  I concluded, there's something about the way u hold the cat, and pulled on the skin to prepare for the jab, otherwise, why did BULAN show totally different reactions to these two people right? with the guy, BULAN snapped at him as he was preparing the site of injecting.  with the kakak, I think she had the luxury of time to to this as BULAN did not at all react to her touch.  I don't want to criticize too much, but there's more to this other than BULAN's reaction alone.  And in my own opinion I have my own valid reason as to why I don't want my cats to be treated by him after this. 
iii. deworm
BULAN also got his deworm pil today.  It's been expired for a while ordy, as I just didn't have the time to get them to the vet.  I can actually just purchase the pills, but I need to know their weight for the dosage.  Hence, I've been hunting around for a baby weighing scale.  anyone??

SUNSHINE @ 4.08 kg
i.  microchip + passport pics.
SUNSHINE got her microchip and passport pics taken for her ID.  She had been a lady =), apart from her paws pushing your hands away to resist u, she in general did fine.  Although, I have some preoccupations, that i don't feel like mentioning here, as it may come across as me being overly paranoid, but I think these are valid feelings.  I'll monitor this 2 closely and hope they both will be just fine.
Pic taking with SUNSHINE, was ok.  she wasn't as still as BULAN, but still she did better then her 4 kittens that went last week.

ii.  deworm
SUNSHINE too got her deworm pils.  She's 4.08 kg now? Yes, she's put on weight, and it's observable.  She was 3.2 kg, when she came in July.  3.8 kg after 1 month pregnancy.  3.3 kg 2 months after the kittens came.  and now she's 4.08 kg and looking healthy by weight and by coat =)

*SUNSHINE would've also gotten her rabies shot, but since she got her microchip in today, I figured she'll get the shot later.  Don't want her to have double the pain.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


phew! glad it was a bad dream.  It's 4 am on a Wednesday morning, I was suppose to stay up and finish some work since its the end of the semester and due dates are just around the corner.  Instead I guiltily indulged myself to sleeping.  I had MICHIKO with me in reality because he was meowing and he ran out of the room as I left their room, so I let him hang out in my room while I took my so called nap.  By 2 am, my other half was giving me wake up calls, as I was not suppose to sleep in the first place, but sleep was just the only thing I wanted to do.


Suddenly I heard my parents came home with groceries, I continued sleeping and later when I decided to wake up.  I realized my 8 cats were not around. Turned out as my parents were taking the groceries in, they had left the door open and supposedly that's when the cats must've gone out.  So immediately me, husband, sis and bro went down to look for them it was in the evening near dawn.  Somehow, I was staying on the 4th floor of a 2 building apartment each with 2 blocks.  So we started looking from the ground floor, 1st thing 1st look for around if any of them actually fell and didn't make it.  We didn't see any and hence there was hope.  Some friendly people joined us to help, and some decided not to when I couldn't answer them properly.

their Q: what color is your cat.
my ans: black & white, calico, whole black, fully orange, another calico, creamish...
their respond: oh dear, make up ur mind!!
me: couldn't be bothered to even explain myself!

Anyhow the search went on.  We've gone up from ground to the fourth floor of the 1st 2 blocks.  There were cats around, but none was mine.  As we were heading to the next building, I looked back and there was a black cat so we went back to the 1st building.  And so the 1st one spotted was DONNA.  She was hanging out licking on herself, wet and injured as it seemed.  She looked fierce.  I had no idea how to tell whether that was her or not, but when I called on her, she came purring. and so yes it was her.  So I picked her up, that's when we realized we had no carrier with us, so I carried her by hand and the search went on.

next I saw BELLA .  She too looked sooo fierceful, I called her, she looked up but she didn't come to me...then at about the same time, my husband saw another BELLA. We couldn't decide (gosh why didn't we just pick them both up huh!).  So I said, move your index finger in front of her, she would usually bite.  My BELLA bit, but then this BELLA had blue eyes, and I was contemplating over whether BELLA's eyes were suppose to be blue or not. errm..

Then my husband said, his BELLA wasn't responding, "but SUNNY is the kind that would interrupt, wouldn't he?".  I looked and yesss it was SUNNY.  Then I realized, we had attracted soooooooo many cats to the scene.. ( haha... apparently it was a cat friendly neighborhood).  So I told EVERYONE to stay still while I look around among the cats.  I saw a few cats of YUMIEKO's color, so I wanted to be sure if YUMIEKO was there.  BUT as I finished saying out my sentence "everyone stay still, there are so many cats here now, let me look around..", a guy suddenly jumped out of excitement!! he said.. "Waaaaaaa!!! so many cats, this is fun!!"  OMG!!!!! all the cats fled off including our potential BELLA and SUNNY.  I think blood from the whole of my body rushed up to my brain!!  I wasss soooooooooooo angry....


that I woke up from my sleep. Ahhhhhhh!!!!! it's 4 am, and I've got work to do.. and there was MICHIKO by my door wanting to go out.  heeeeeee.... I took him back to their room, and counted that there are still 9 of them.  and realized I didn't at all mention MJ's color in my dream....heheeee... Goodness, that was horrible... Who was that guy???  he said it was fun??!! I can't imagine that happening in reality, I'll go nuts! now, now, back to reality, I've got work to do.. am just so glad that was really only a dream.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Spay/Neuter Campaign

I remember I was suppose to elaborate more on this topic, but I just never had the time for it. So this is a substitute for that =)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Import-Export Affair

It won't be long before we all are getting on a flight.  I couldn't actually find this piece of information online, so I shall post it here. weeeeeeeee..... excited about this.  Pls pray for us that everything will go smooth.

Here's a checklist for this affair
1.  Basic health requirement
2.  Contact the Veterinary Deparment
3.  Microchips
4.  Rabies vaccination
5.  Carrier
6.  Flight ticket
7.  Import permit
8.  Export permit
9.  Quarantine


1. Basic health requirement
This is regarding the usual vaccination, deworming and just basic health requirement that every cat should have, despite of whether or not your cat is going to travel.  I mentioned this here, because the Veterinary Department mentioned so.. I suppose it's because there are people who actually don't provide all this for their pets.  Well, to everyone out there, your pets need these. It's mainly vaccination, deworming and the ongoing maintenance of their health.  Clear of fungal or fleas.  No ear mites.  No eyes problem.  No fever.  Nothing.  As for me, I consider this a done thing, just hope they'll be in their best of health when the time comes for us the get on that flight!

2. Contact the Veterinary Department
I heard around and I asked around, but still do contact the Veterinary Departments involved.  This is to find out the requirements and procedures, and who knows if they've made changes and whatsoever to the procedures.  I did this, and will be bugging them more, for confirmation and assurance =).

3. Microchips
In order to obtain the import permit, each cat should have microchips implanted.  (in my own non-IT/simple words), they implant a chip in the cat.  It's a simple procedure, it's like a vaccination or even less that that.  They actually inject the chip into the cat.  The needle is thicker than the usual vaccination needle and hence it's recommended that the cat be of about 5 to 6 months (as I was told) when they get microchips in.  They applied local anaesthesia to the spot where the chip will be injected into, waited for a while for the effect to kick in, and injected the microchip in.  I suppose due to the effect of the local anesthesia, my cats could actually sit still for this as compared to their vaccinations.  For the welfare of the cats, my post-microchips implant care is identical to my post-vaccination care for them.  Additional attention, no bathing, vitamins, be alert with their appetite.  So far my cats have done well, better than post-vaccination, none went into fever or loss of appetite as they did with their vaccinations.

With this chip in the cat, they have a scanner/microchip detector that they run over the cat, walla! a number comes out.  Each microchip comes with a set of sticker (barcode with number), make sure the number that comes up on the scanner match the numbers on the sticker and put one on the cat's vaccination card/passport.  the numbers are lengthy and I believe it's not meant for us to memorize.

In my own opinion, this is important when it comes to the import and export affair, because of the health requirement the cat needs to go through.  I.e.  I claim this is my cat, with all the health requirements needed, but I may just change the cat of the same color and claim so.  Or (this is me being paranoid) maybe there's someone else on the same flight who also took cats with them and decided my cat is cuter (which they are =P), coincidentally we each have a cat of the same color and suddenly as were arrived this person claimed my cat  as being his.  Which is an easy thing to do, if only we didn't have microchips in.  hehehe.... so my cats are mine, no such thing as you lost ur cat a few months ago and ur cat looks exactly just mine. blueeekk....

So out of 9 cats, 8 are done with their microchips.  SUNSHINE's the next one in line.  and just when I thought I was near done, I found out about the rabies vaccination.

4.  Rabies vaccination

I heard that this MAY be a requirement but I gotta do more research on this.  If we need to go and another round of trip to the vet =P

5.  Carrier
I should have 9 carrier for my 9 cats.  I now have 4, another 5 coming soon.  And I gotta find out if I need to put water feeder in their carrier, if that's the case, 9 water feeder coming soon.

6.  Flight ticket
I'll need to purchase my flight ticket (heh for the human alone ya), because I'll need the exact date of the flight in order to apply for the import permit.  The cats don't need a flight ticket.  They will be charged RM15/kg (they're not considered as ur luggage).  Minimum is 5kg including the carrier.  I'm not sure if that means each cat must be minimally 5kg or the total must be minimally 5 kg.  The total weight of my cats would definitely exceed 5 kg.  We shall find out about this when the day comes.  This is how it's done with an accompanying human, cats may fly off unaccompanied, but I'm not sure how to go about with that, and I think someone has to be at the destination upon their arrival.

7.  Import permit
This is to be dealt with the Veterinary Department at the place of destination.  I'll keep our destination as a secret, but I'm sure you can take a wild guess =P

8.  Export permit
This is to be dealt with here, the Veterinary Department from where we'll be departing.  hehehe... The export permit comprises of a health check up, and it's only valid 7 days.  So I hope my cats will be in their best of health, within this period of time.

9.  Quarantine
The duration of quarantine upon arrival is 1 month, but I heard u can appeal to have it shortened to probably about 1 week.  I shall elaborate more once we pass this stage =)

In conclusion moving by flight with your cats is a 'can-do' thing =).

Friday, April 2, 2010

the 4 siblings to the vet!

This would've been a great shot, if it wasn't blurry.

Reasons for the vet visit: (i. microchip, ii. deworm, iii. BELLA's eyes)

i. microchip

The microchip was done PLUS I also had their 'passport' done.  The cats had their pictures taken and it wasn't easy: front view, left, right, back and so oooon....  I haven't seen the outcome of these passports as it was already late and I was rushing off, so I'll collect the passports when I take the next ones in line to the vet.

Here are info about this pet passport, actually here is the brochure to be exact.  For the time being, they've only started this in Cheras, and I heard that they will soon expand to Shah Alam and eventually throughout the country.  Yay! now no one can claim my kucing kampung as theirs!

It was funny that they had a cross on the table, supposedly that's where my cat should sit, unfortunately my cats are not trained that when you say 'sit' he/she would walk about.... hehehe.... but thanks to the guy who ssnaped their pics, for being patience about it.

SUNNY consistently wanted to jump down and if i didn't stop him, he actually jumped down and he was frightened by the new environment.  MJ did not appear too nervous, but he consistently walked about and couldn't stay still.  BELLA was fond of the camera, that she would always face and moved toward the camera.  DONNA didn't like the camera, she would alwasy face and move away from the camera.  And she was anxious that she wouldn't walk properly.

As stated in the brochure.  The pet passport is RM 7 excluding microchip, physical examination and the picture.
-RM25 for the microchip
-RM7   for the passport
-RM5   for the rest (promotional perhaps as I heard they mentioned it.)
-RM37  total cost per cat.

ii. deworm

All four had been fine =)

SUNNY @ 3.4 kg
BELLA @ 2.0 kg
MJ @ 3.0 kg
DONNA @ 2.9 kg

iii. BELLA's eyes

BELLA's eye had always been like this.  It would be momentarily better when I applied some eye-meds in her eyes, but never did this disappear completely and yet she looks perfectly well, though she's the smallest in size among the 4 of them.  Because of her eyes, she's given antibiotic, I hope it's nothing really. and I think it really is nothing.

While I was there, I managed to get further info regarding my import-export procedure. =)