Friday, April 23, 2010

a new problem has arise =(

Initially, I found YUMIEKO to have bald spot on her ear (*suspected ear mites that had never been completely resolved).  Then I found MJ to hava a bald spot on his ear (*which appeared overnight).  Then the peak was when I found MJ had bumps on him, about 4 if I recall correctly, 2 on the right side and 2 on the left side.  There were red ones, and there were pale ones that were just about to pop out.  OF COURSE, I freaked out, did research on the net and headed for the vet.  I took both MJ and YUMIEKO.

Through the microscope, mites were found in the sample taken from MJ's ear and fur.  So the answers are ear mites and fur mites.  Ear mites? yeah I believe it had been there all the while (since SUNSHINE introduced it to the others) and was probably never resolved completely.  Fur mites? I can't be too sure of where this might came from, as the cats are completely indoor, so I suppose I am to be blamed :-| I could have been the medium carrying it with me into the house after I'd been in contact with other cats ( including strays).  And I'd have to admit that I do let people touch and carry my cats when we visit the vet, which (duh!) would be a good source for many kinds of illness.

MJ was given shots of Ivermectin & Methylpred.  While YUMIEKO was given a shot of Ivermectin.  And since all 9 of them live together at all times, it was assumed that the rest of them would have the same things on them, so off we went and took the other 7 in for their shot of Ivermectin (luckily my Mr Fiance was around to help me out, so we were done after only 2 round of trips).

Ivermectin:  it is a broad spectrum anti-parasitic medication
Methylpred: it is used for its anti-inflammatory effect, in the treatment of allergic reactions and inflammatory diseases *in this case, it's allergy to the bites

We were told to come back for the 2nd and 3rd dose of Ivermectin, in a gap of 2 weeks  BUT by then, I'd be on my own with 9 cats (that means at least 4 round of trips).  And as for the 3rd dose, it'll be so near to our travelling date, so the vet said I can use the Frontline spray to replace.. Ermm.. 

 Review on the vet:
*The vet and assistants handled the cats so gently, that it helped with the cats' anxiety :)
*The injection was a breeze for each one of the cats.  We didn't need to spend so long a time at the vet to get 7 cats injected (on the 2nd trip)
*it's a yay! on how the cats were handled =). no additional stress for the cats on top of the already stressful car rides, the new environment with probable scents of other cats and dogs and also dogs barking..

*vet said the 3rd dose, can be replaced with Frontline, heeee how about the 2nd?
*vet mentioned 'owh, the others look ok huh' to the other 7 cats.

this calls for some research on the net!

**It was on Friday noon, and I was rushing to catch with my due date by 4 pm.  But when I found MJ with the bumps on him, immediately dropped everything, texted my supervisor about not being able to meet the due date and off we went to the vet.  After we were done at the vet, went to see my supervisor and handed in half of my stuff and the rest will come in on Monday. Phew! Thank god, for such a considerate supervisor =)