Thursday, April 29, 2010

MJ to another vet.

Took MJ to the vet (again) for some consultation.

Apparently, they don't give Ivermectin injections, unless for severe cases where topical treatment does not show effects, as an injection may cause additional stress to the cat's body.  With ear mites and fur mites, they would recommend for Frontline Spot On and Ear Canker.  MJ was given some vitamins, as he looked a bit weak, which probably was due to the injection.

After doing some research and consultations.  I've decided to not go for the 2nd Ivermection.  After all, it would be too troublesome for me (alone with 9 cats).  And if it does cause additional stress to the cat's body, then I'll opt out.  I would like to minimize the possibility for stress on them as I think the traveling and quarantine they'll have to go through will be highly stressful for them.

So Frontline Spot One and Troy Ear Canker for the 9 of them.  This calls for another project with the cats.

I had been looking for this from the 1st time we had an ear mite attack.
I got it for RM18 each.

I got 3 boxes of this Frontline Spot On for my 9 cats.
but am wondering, why it looks different from the ones I have bought previously.

and the pipet is in blue

as compared to the previous box

and the pipet was in green


umi_e said...

Salam... rasanya one spot frontline tu sama macam yang baru bagi kat Chiku last week...

nadyazgal said...

salam.. yg sy taw la.. yg frontline spot on (blue pipette) tu blh bunuh flea n kutu adult ja..
tp yg frontlie spot on COMBO (green pipette) tu blh bunuh kutu, flea ngn telur2 dia satu kali..

LoVe said...

Slm.. ermm.. tu lah.. rs2 mmg ada difference kan.

Yg green tu ada 'Combo', must be better, I suppose..

Klu bc indications dia sama je, fleas, ticks, lice, mites.. tp bhn active dia xsama...

blue one:
Perawis Aktif: fipronil 9.7%
Perawis Lengai: 90.3%

green one:
Perawis Aktif: fibronil 9.8% & s-methoprene 11.8%
Perawis Lengai: 78.4%

lets google...

ItaJeff said...

Hi.. Salam kenal..
sy guna yg green tu 4 my cats...mmg bagus...very effective...ear mites pun hilang cpt..
btw, nice kitty's blog, sy follow ye

LoVe said...

slm ItaJeff..

thanks for following, I follow2 u jgk =)

tu la nye, dah buat kesimpulan, next time kte beli yg green ones to.. note to self: cari yg ada perkataan 'combo' :).

cannot wait for my cats to be free of this probs..