Monday, November 23, 2009

a visit to the vet....

This is just to note that they went for a vet visit today..

-yearly vaccination
She weighed 4kg. She was vaccinated & given deworm tab with no difficulty =).

-yearly vaccination
He weighed 4.2kg. He got kinda angry and tried to snap at the guy when he was about to be vaccinated. It wasn't too easy with the dewarming tablet...

He weighed 4 kg (at 9 months, hope he won't get too heavy). I took him along to save time, as trying to get the meds in on my own would be time consuming, but he just had to proove to everyone that he really didn't like to take meds. ermmm....

She weighed 2.8 kg. Wohooo... I didn't know she was THAT difficult with medication. It was just taking too long that I ended up taking the tablet home. And it took me nearly an hour, before I finally got it in.

-the ear..
She needed the deworming too, but I also took her in to check the ears. Ermmm... no diagnosis given, but she was given Surolan for her ears (which was the same thing given for YUMIEKO'S fungus not long ago)... I believe she's having mites problem... Owh.. she was well-behaved with the deworming tablet =)

Ermm.. I'm thinking of getting that small thingy that they use to feed tablets to cats... letme look around..

Monday, November 16, 2009

Deworming the baby kittens..

For deworming they were given deworming syrups as they hit the age of 6 weeks, 8 weeks.. and next will be at their 12th weeks along with their vaccination.

at 6 weeks..
SUNNY : 750 gm
BELLA: 600 gm
MJ: 800 gm
DONNA: 610 gm

at 8 weeks..

SUNNY: 1 kg
BELLA: 700 gm
MJ: 1 kg
DONNA: 850 gm

some pics at their 8th weeks


Together wt SUNSHINE
SUNNY is very forthcoming

BELLA at her own corner
Since they knew how to climb up, that's where they've been hanging around.
DONNA was the first to learn to climb up and down, followed by MJ, but by this time MJ still had difficulty coming down. So, once he's up there, he would stay for a long while. Wacthing the other two from above...

Sunday, November 15, 2009

YUMIEKO spayed

Prior to the day she was spayed, she had to be separated from the others so that she had no access to food and water starting at about 10 pm. So I took her out of their room to freely roam around. Instead of enjoying the freedom, she started MEOWING (which she RARELY does), possibly because she noticed none of her friends were around. I couldn't stand the meowing, and so I got BULAN, BINTANG and MICHIKO to take turn accompanying her outside. And so she was better that way, she stopped meowing, but the cat who accompanied her had to take turns because after a while each one would start scratching the door to the room wanting to go back inside for food and drink! I got tired of taking one out, returning that one in, then another out then back in, and decided to just let YUMIEKO stay in the room, with the other three but of course minus the food and water and that was much better for me. Phew! So all four had no access to food and water.... the next morning, YUMIEKO as usual was fine, no signs of demanding for food, but MICHIKO and BULAN, were meowing on top of their lungs!

Day 1: Sunday 15 November 2009
I woke up late, hehe.. that's the usual for Sundays nowaday... so we reached Klinik Kembiri at aobut 11.00, thank goodness they were still accepting. Left her there and went off for some shopping. Her turn was #26. (MICHIKO was #14, BULAN & BINTANG were the first 10), and she was done by 3.30 pm. Unlike MICHIKO, YUMIEKO was awake and alert by the time we picked her up. Her eyes were wide open and she tried to get out of the carrier, although appeared drowsy. We got home, and I gave her canned food, but she was more interested in getting out of the cage rather than the food. Later at midnight, she ate a little but not as much as her usual self. She was confined in the cage at all times. She's such an active lil thing as compared to MICHIKO last time and so the e-collar had to be on by the 1st day itself.

Look at her eyes wide open

energetic: biting on the cage hoping to go out

very alert to her surrounding

Day 2: Monday 16 Nov 2009
The next day, she was looking fine. She was eating and drinking, but it was obviously lesser than usual.

enjoying the space after litter box was taken out

eating a bit but not as usual

I got MICHIKO to accompany her, but I think he didn't get what was going on

Day 3: Tuesday 17 Nov 2009
She looked well, and I was happy to find poo in her litter box upon returning home but eating and drinking in small amounts (owh, she had beeing urinating once a day for the past 2 days). She didn't like being left in the cage all alone, and meowed whenever she saw me. I decided to put her cage in the room, at least she could see the others around her, and yes, she was better that way. She also let her roam around the room and she went to their fountain and took long drinks and then went to eat. She wanted kibbles! Now I know, so I started giving her kibbles, now the amount of food she's taking seems 'normal'.

She has both arrogant and sweet in her face

I also took the plaster off today, oh I got drowsy alrite, and she wasn't cooperative. But the wound looked find. Glad to know that.

Day 4: Wednesday 18 Nov 2009
She has been doing fine, though confined in a cage, the cage was in their room and she could see the other three. She sat in her cage quietly, not causing any problems, other than tipping over her dish bowl.

Day 5: Thursday 19 Nov 2009
Nothing significant and there was poo in the litter box today =). She was allowed to walk around the room, but I'm guessing that she thinks she's well enough already, she attempted to jump on to the cat tree and even wanted to walk into the tunnel with the e-collar on.

Day 6: Friday 20 Nov 2009
I think she's gonna be just fine, there was poo in the litter box, looks like her eating cycle is getting back on track. She spent sometime out of the cage, with me monitoring her, she was jumping and running joining the other three. I'm not sure if she's ready to do that yet, but I didn't really allow that, and I'll keep her confined until I'm definitely sure that she has fully recovered. But looks like she's doing really, really well.

Day 7: Saturday 21 Nov 2009
She was now free from the cage, she could walk and hang around with the other, but her e-collar was still on. I had no worries for her, as she had the e-collar on so she couldn't lick on herself, and she takes care of herself very well that she doesn't allow anyone to touch her stomach area (not that it really matter by now, since the wound is healing well)

Day 8: Sunday 22 Nov 2009
She decided for herself that the e-collar was going off and had it off her, I'm not sure if any of the others assisted her =). Looks like she's telling me that she has fully recovered and it all went well...

Next up is gonna be SUNSHINE!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

CFA catshow @ The Mall 8th Nov 2009: YUMIEKO

Yay! another catshow. while I dream, wish and plan my my own pedigrees, we'll keep going for the shows with our HHP, though they might not have enjoyed it as much as we humans do, well at least not my house-bound cats. Well it's partly my fault, I've been telling each one of them, that I shall care for them with all that I have, so they shall eat proper food and they have their home, not to worry about when their next meal is gonna be, where they'll sleep when it's raining, where they can find a cool place to hang around when it's too hot.... provided with such circumstances, they should all develop themselves into elegant felines with attitude. and heck ya, they did! Unfortunately, at the time, when I decided to bring them up into arrogant little ones, I didn't know about all these cat shows and that they're suppose to be friendly instead of arrogant. huhu. a swell job indeed.

YUMIEKO, when she was not under the piles of blankie and she would stay this way, unless we left her unattended.

The 1st ring, she ranked 5th out of 12

2nd ring, she ranked 5th out of 12
The 3rd ring, she ranked 9th out of 11

and then the last ring, she ranked 5th out of 12

huhu. not bad. looking forward for a next one, I'd like to take MICHIKO. SUNSHINE might be ok too, but she hasn't settled. Actually, I would like to take BINTANG, but her arrogance just can't be challenged....Hrmmm.. what can I do about that. However, there's a certain someone that has preference over YUMIEKO and would like to take her for a CFA show again. Well, we'll see how she is after she's spayed. She's next in list to be spayed. I hope everything goes well on that.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

the scratching behavior...

Oh yess... they scratch... it's not a behavioral problem itself, but it becomes a problem when they scratch things that are not meant to be scratched... what to do? hehe.. give them things that they should scratch...
When I started with 2 cats.. I had this.. It has a scratch pad in the centre, a ball that goes around and a furry thing... I still have this til today, and they still use it.... but the scratch pad of course had been replaced more than just a few times by now.

When the number of cats increased, I bought these. I had 2 of this thing at any one time. I don't seem to have a picture of what it actually looks like, but the material is exactly like in the previous pic (the scratch pad in the center), in a long rectangle shape. Which eventually will be left with small tiny pieces (due to the scratching) and several small pieces... because not only do they scratch on it, they also bite on it and tore them apart. and so a vacuum cleaner would really come in handy.

As financial condition permits, and because I got tired of the mess that came with the above scratch pads, I got this.

We also have a few more along the way and more to come =)

Seniors VS Juniors


BINTANG getting close.. Look at her eyes..

Look at how attentive they are... I have no idea, why BULAN is in the cage.YUMIEKO hates SUNSHINE most. The two of them really fight, maybe because these two are the only ones that haven't been spayed, apart from the kittens of course.

And just look at this sweet friendly MICHIKO.
He peeked into their room..

Though, he could smell their scents..
Look at his face, as he sit so near to MJ.
MICHIKO vs MJ... can you see, why the name (Michiko Jr.)?

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


SUNSHINE and her kittens at 2 weeks

1st born: SUNNY
2nd born: MARBELLA
3rd born: MJ (Michiko Jr)
4th born: Donnabell
At age 3 weeks, from left: DONNA, MJ, BELLA, SUNNY

At age 6 weeks, from left: DONNA, MJ, BELLA, SUNNY

Kittens asleep (6 weeks)...

what's goin' on with those two

SUNNY: does that look comfy to you?

MJ: who cares about him, I am fine here!
kittens in action (6 weeks)

no pics of MARBELLA in action, for whatever reason, she has yet to learn how to stop. If she doesn't learn how to stop soon, we'll have to learn how to catch up with her!

Reality hits after SUNSHINE actually gave birth to 4 kittens. So what's next? How am I suppose to manage with a total of 9 cats in the house. Giving them away for adoption was an option. but thennn... looking at how SUNSHINE cared for her kittens, how she responded to their calls, how she has been protecting them... haih... the motherly act of a cat... she had gone through all that, got 4 cute kittens, and here I am wanting to get rid of them.. but what can I do? Soooo.. when's the right time to give the kittens away? answer: after about 3 months, which is when the kittens wean off and cat eat kibbles. 3 MONTHS? 3 WHOLE MONTHS?! no way. that's not gonna be possible. by the time, I would have already gotten used to their presence and I would love them too much to part with them. So final decision. I now have a total of 9 cats.

I was in the midst of preparing myself physically, mentally, financially and etc to bring home maybe a Maine Coon. But now, maybe I'll have to hold that plan. Let's get these 9 settled, and let's move to our permanent home first, before we get anymore cats join in the family. So I'm gonna have to shut both eyes to anymore cats out there. no more cats. maybe I can take 1 more, make it 10. but NO, because after that, another one more won't hurt, then just 1 more won't make a big difference, then what if this 1 more happened to be pregnant. so NO. In our current situation, we'll make sure that there will only be 9 cats in this house. We will have to wait until all 9 of them are settled, meaning after they are all neutered, or at least after all adult cats are neutered and all 4 kittens are done with their vaccination. That means, we shall revise this decision on getting another cat at the end of February 2010. Until then. there will be ONLY 9 cats in the house. Reasons being, I need to make sure all of them are in the best of health, all their needs are taken care off, I don't want to add stress level among them (and in me!), I don't want anyone (including me) to be overwhelmed.