Monday, November 9, 2009

CFA catshow @ The Mall 8th Nov 2009: YUMIEKO

Yay! another catshow. while I dream, wish and plan my my own pedigrees, we'll keep going for the shows with our HHP, though they might not have enjoyed it as much as we humans do, well at least not my house-bound cats. Well it's partly my fault, I've been telling each one of them, that I shall care for them with all that I have, so they shall eat proper food and they have their home, not to worry about when their next meal is gonna be, where they'll sleep when it's raining, where they can find a cool place to hang around when it's too hot.... provided with such circumstances, they should all develop themselves into elegant felines with attitude. and heck ya, they did! Unfortunately, at the time, when I decided to bring them up into arrogant little ones, I didn't know about all these cat shows and that they're suppose to be friendly instead of arrogant. huhu. a swell job indeed.

YUMIEKO, when she was not under the piles of blankie and she would stay this way, unless we left her unattended.

The 1st ring, she ranked 5th out of 12

2nd ring, she ranked 5th out of 12
The 3rd ring, she ranked 9th out of 11

and then the last ring, she ranked 5th out of 12

huhu. not bad. looking forward for a next one, I'd like to take MICHIKO. SUNSHINE might be ok too, but she hasn't settled. Actually, I would like to take BINTANG, but her arrogance just can't be challenged....Hrmmm.. what can I do about that. However, there's a certain someone that has preference over YUMIEKO and would like to take her for a CFA show again. Well, we'll see how she is after she's spayed. She's next in list to be spayed. I hope everything goes well on that.