Sunday, November 15, 2009

YUMIEKO spayed

Prior to the day she was spayed, she had to be separated from the others so that she had no access to food and water starting at about 10 pm. So I took her out of their room to freely roam around. Instead of enjoying the freedom, she started MEOWING (which she RARELY does), possibly because she noticed none of her friends were around. I couldn't stand the meowing, and so I got BULAN, BINTANG and MICHIKO to take turn accompanying her outside. And so she was better that way, she stopped meowing, but the cat who accompanied her had to take turns because after a while each one would start scratching the door to the room wanting to go back inside for food and drink! I got tired of taking one out, returning that one in, then another out then back in, and decided to just let YUMIEKO stay in the room, with the other three but of course minus the food and water and that was much better for me. Phew! So all four had no access to food and water.... the next morning, YUMIEKO as usual was fine, no signs of demanding for food, but MICHIKO and BULAN, were meowing on top of their lungs!

Day 1: Sunday 15 November 2009
I woke up late, hehe.. that's the usual for Sundays nowaday... so we reached Klinik Kembiri at aobut 11.00, thank goodness they were still accepting. Left her there and went off for some shopping. Her turn was #26. (MICHIKO was #14, BULAN & BINTANG were the first 10), and she was done by 3.30 pm. Unlike MICHIKO, YUMIEKO was awake and alert by the time we picked her up. Her eyes were wide open and she tried to get out of the carrier, although appeared drowsy. We got home, and I gave her canned food, but she was more interested in getting out of the cage rather than the food. Later at midnight, she ate a little but not as much as her usual self. She was confined in the cage at all times. She's such an active lil thing as compared to MICHIKO last time and so the e-collar had to be on by the 1st day itself.

Look at her eyes wide open

energetic: biting on the cage hoping to go out

very alert to her surrounding

Day 2: Monday 16 Nov 2009
The next day, she was looking fine. She was eating and drinking, but it was obviously lesser than usual.

enjoying the space after litter box was taken out

eating a bit but not as usual

I got MICHIKO to accompany her, but I think he didn't get what was going on

Day 3: Tuesday 17 Nov 2009
She looked well, and I was happy to find poo in her litter box upon returning home but eating and drinking in small amounts (owh, she had beeing urinating once a day for the past 2 days). She didn't like being left in the cage all alone, and meowed whenever she saw me. I decided to put her cage in the room, at least she could see the others around her, and yes, she was better that way. She also let her roam around the room and she went to their fountain and took long drinks and then went to eat. She wanted kibbles! Now I know, so I started giving her kibbles, now the amount of food she's taking seems 'normal'.

She has both arrogant and sweet in her face

I also took the plaster off today, oh I got drowsy alrite, and she wasn't cooperative. But the wound looked find. Glad to know that.

Day 4: Wednesday 18 Nov 2009
She has been doing fine, though confined in a cage, the cage was in their room and she could see the other three. She sat in her cage quietly, not causing any problems, other than tipping over her dish bowl.

Day 5: Thursday 19 Nov 2009
Nothing significant and there was poo in the litter box today =). She was allowed to walk around the room, but I'm guessing that she thinks she's well enough already, she attempted to jump on to the cat tree and even wanted to walk into the tunnel with the e-collar on.

Day 6: Friday 20 Nov 2009
I think she's gonna be just fine, there was poo in the litter box, looks like her eating cycle is getting back on track. She spent sometime out of the cage, with me monitoring her, she was jumping and running joining the other three. I'm not sure if she's ready to do that yet, but I didn't really allow that, and I'll keep her confined until I'm definitely sure that she has fully recovered. But looks like she's doing really, really well.

Day 7: Saturday 21 Nov 2009
She was now free from the cage, she could walk and hang around with the other, but her e-collar was still on. I had no worries for her, as she had the e-collar on so she couldn't lick on herself, and she takes care of herself very well that she doesn't allow anyone to touch her stomach area (not that it really matter by now, since the wound is healing well)

Day 8: Sunday 22 Nov 2009
She decided for herself that the e-collar was going off and had it off her, I'm not sure if any of the others assisted her =). Looks like she's telling me that she has fully recovered and it all went well...

Next up is gonna be SUNSHINE!!