Tuesday, November 3, 2009


SUNSHINE and her kittens at 2 weeks

1st born: SUNNY
2nd born: MARBELLA
3rd born: MJ (Michiko Jr)
4th born: Donnabell
At age 3 weeks, from left: DONNA, MJ, BELLA, SUNNY

At age 6 weeks, from left: DONNA, MJ, BELLA, SUNNY

Kittens asleep (6 weeks)...

what's goin' on with those two

SUNNY: does that look comfy to you?

MJ: who cares about him, I am fine here!
kittens in action (6 weeks)

no pics of MARBELLA in action, for whatever reason, she has yet to learn how to stop. If she doesn't learn how to stop soon, we'll have to learn how to catch up with her!

Reality hits after SUNSHINE actually gave birth to 4 kittens. So what's next? How am I suppose to manage with a total of 9 cats in the house. Giving them away for adoption was an option. but thennn... looking at how SUNSHINE cared for her kittens, how she responded to their calls, how she has been protecting them... haih... the motherly act of a cat... she had gone through all that, got 4 cute kittens, and here I am wanting to get rid of them.. but what can I do? Soooo.. when's the right time to give the kittens away? answer: after about 3 months, which is when the kittens wean off and cat eat kibbles. 3 MONTHS? 3 WHOLE MONTHS?! no way. that's not gonna be possible. by the time, I would have already gotten used to their presence and I would love them too much to part with them. So final decision. I now have a total of 9 cats.

I was in the midst of preparing myself physically, mentally, financially and etc to bring home maybe a Maine Coon. But now, maybe I'll have to hold that plan. Let's get these 9 settled, and let's move to our permanent home first, before we get anymore cats join in the family. So I'm gonna have to shut both eyes to anymore cats out there. no more cats. maybe I can take 1 more, make it 10. but NO, because after that, another one more won't hurt, then just 1 more won't make a big difference, then what if this 1 more happened to be pregnant. so NO. In our current situation, we'll make sure that there will only be 9 cats in this house. We will have to wait until all 9 of them are settled, meaning after they are all neutered, or at least after all adult cats are neutered and all 4 kittens are done with their vaccination. That means, we shall revise this decision on getting another cat at the end of February 2010. Until then. there will be ONLY 9 cats in the house. Reasons being, I need to make sure all of them are in the best of health, all their needs are taken care off, I don't want to add stress level among them (and in me!), I don't want anyone (including me) to be overwhelmed.