Monday, November 2, 2009

catshow 1 November 2009 @ midvalley : BULAN, BINTANG, YUMIEKO

~BULAN signing in~

*yaaaawwwnnn* Yeah, it's another cat show. I've been to so many and after not winning on the previous show, I thought these humans would give me some peace and let me stay at home. But NO, they want the entry gift so much that I had to tag along with BINTANG and YUMIEKO. I know I'm all cute and playful at home, but don't even hope on me entertaining all those people. huh! it's better that I sleep so I can save energy to play and run around at home. Oh.. should I mention that she didn't feed us this morning, because you didn't feed me, I will not be nice to people as you would hope! With cool air and my blankie....aaahhhh... I shall complete my beauty sleep. Careful people, I may be cute, but I know how to bite!

BINTANG was about 4 cages away from me. BINTANG, you should do what I do, SLEEP and ignore those people. When you respond to them, they like you more and you do not want them to like you. It's good that you bite them, but the thing is you don't bite hard enough. But I think you shouldn't bite them. God knows, how clean their hands are. Anyhow, I think BINTANG hated it more than I did.

YUMIEKO was placed further away, across the hall, but from where I was that's what I could see. Hehe.. do you see YUMIEKO in cage #72. Great job!
We're not used to being inside prison, but I got used to it after all these cat shows. For YUMIEKO, this is her second time and this time no one is nearby to comfort her, so she screamed for help, but people thought that was cute, and you do not want to look cute at a cat show. Oh yeah, if you happen to stop by her cage, give her a kiss, she would be glad to return you kiss with free signatures, and if you're lucky you'll get signatures from both paws.

YUMIEKO found out that she was just too cute to be seen. She didn't like the spot lights, and I think she really meant it. So if you came to see YUMIEKO but didn't see her, that's because she looked like this.

YUMIEKO felt better when she was placed next to BINTANG though, I think it's because BINTANG did the biting and chased people away.
Gosh, I was sitting quietly and they took me out for a while, they messed up my cage and I couldn't get myself back under the blankie nicely. I managed to get my head underneath, but I could feel people poking me on my back. That was irritating, I don't want to be touched by their dirty hands because I don't want to have to bathe again! and their hands smell! I gave them my sharp looks, but these people just didn't understand. Serves them right, I bit a hand, and I bit him hard! I hope he went around and told everyone that it hurt!
Anyhow, glad it was all over. none of us won anything, but of course everyone got the entry gift. but NEWFLASH! I won't eat that. I don't care if it taste good or if it's good for my health, I don't want it, I don't want to take the risk of getting upset tummy. MICHIKO can have all that, I know he eats just about anything and he doesn't learn from experience, he eats anything even when it made him come out with watery stool. yuck, then the room would be smelly because he got that stinky poo stuck on to his fur. You see, how all these new brands can cause me trouble even if it wasn't me that ate them. btw, those new types of food weren't even served for us, but MICHIKO is such a hardworking boy when it comes to food that he helped himself to them.

*sigh* I'm home. hah! the human is tired, but I got enough rest! I shall run around now, make some mess. so that she realize how tired she is that next time, she won't go for the cat shows anymore. But somehow, she's just like MICHIKO, I think she doesn't know how to learn from experience. lucky me.

~BULAN signing off~