Sunday, November 8, 2009

the scratching behavior...

Oh yess... they scratch... it's not a behavioral problem itself, but it becomes a problem when they scratch things that are not meant to be scratched... what to do? hehe.. give them things that they should scratch...
When I started with 2 cats.. I had this.. It has a scratch pad in the centre, a ball that goes around and a furry thing... I still have this til today, and they still use it.... but the scratch pad of course had been replaced more than just a few times by now.

When the number of cats increased, I bought these. I had 2 of this thing at any one time. I don't seem to have a picture of what it actually looks like, but the material is exactly like in the previous pic (the scratch pad in the center), in a long rectangle shape. Which eventually will be left with small tiny pieces (due to the scratching) and several small pieces... because not only do they scratch on it, they also bite on it and tore them apart. and so a vacuum cleaner would really come in handy.

As financial condition permits, and because I got tired of the mess that came with the above scratch pads, I got this.

We also have a few more along the way and more to come =)