Friday, April 9, 2010

and again another visit to the vet..

This round: SUNNY / BELLA / MJ / DONNA

I didn't initially plan for this visit, but i) I left all their pet ID (wt microchip numbers) at the hosp, and I need to apply for their import by early next week, so I'd have to pick those up anyhow and ii) I don't want to have long gaps between their rabies shot, ( so that it'll be fine to have their yearly booster at one go), so I have to get all of them done within this 2 weeks.  I can only go at most twice next week and for each trip I can take a max of about 8 kg, so do the maths.

the number of trips for rabies vacc: (4 trips in 2 weeks=2 trips in 1 week)
i.   BULAN (4kg) + SUNSHINE: microcip (4kg)= 8 kg.
ii.  4 kittens (3.4+3.0+2.9+2.0) = 11.3 kg (overloaded)
iii. BINTANG (est: 4kg) + YUMIEKO (est: 4kg) = 8 kg
iv. MICHIKO (est 4 kg) + SUNSHINE (4 kg) = 8 kg

So I had to go today.  Was I happy to see the kakak treat my cats =).

SUNNY: he was ok, though moving around.
BELLA: she was absolutely fine
MJ: he didn't like it, he resisted the shot and had to be injected twice.  but single dose ya ;-)
DONNA: was absolutely fine

-I've collected their pet passports/ID thingy.  I'll post them up when I get the chance to, or I've a complete collection of all 9.
-3 more passports to go (BINTANG, MICHIKO, YUMIEKO)
-4 more rabies shot to go (BINTANG, MICHIKO,YUMIEKO, SUNSHINE)

planned visits: 2 more vet visit.  spaying BELLA & DONNA.  final vet visit for export permit.