Monday, December 29, 2008

Scheduled Eating

I have been thinking of having their feeding time scheduled...But just haven't gotten the 'strength' to do so....Nah..I'm just too lazy... Well, after a visit to the vet, I guess, it hit me, that if I keep delaying, the day will never come. So I was determined to start yesterday. Feeding time will be 7 am & 7 pm.

HOWEVER, at 1.00 am, Bulan started meowing for food. The meows, the 'looking for food' look around, and the biting. He meowed and bit me! That is why we say he is Bulan the Mafia. I wasn't to give in to him, BUT he knew better than to wait for me. He bit the pack of 9kg IAMS that Bintang had gotten from the last cat show, he bit with all his might, and from the look of it, he was almost there. OKAY!!! I gave him food alright. Not much but enough to have kept him quiet. And then Bintang the Princess started to meow as in...'oh soo...he gets food...just because I'm in a cage, I don't get late nite snack? then u just watch me getting out of here'. SO, before she proved herself, I had to be fair, and gave some to her as well...They were feeding on different food and it was like 1.30 am already, I was too sleepy to deal with them, but since the Princess demanded to be fed, the Mafia threatened to be fed. What could I do??

Despite of that, they're my darlings...I'll have to figure out the right amount of food for each feeding, so that won't happen again..We'll try again today.