Tuesday, December 23, 2008

SACC Mall Cat Show 21 December 2008

Here, I share with you, Bintang's first participation in a cat show. We had planned earlier that we would attend to look at the cats. However, it was a last minute decision that we submit Bintang to participate.

Bintang has been known to be easily moody, hence, from the very beginning we had no intention of getting her to participate in a cat show. In contrast with Bulan, in which, he's usually cheerful and playful, he's always in the mood for playing, invite him to play and he'll join you. But Bintang, if she's not the mood, and you invite her to play, she'll move away from you, and if she thinks you're too much, she'll go to a corner, and sit facing the corner. and yes, she's a cat.

Anyhow, since we were going to attend the show, it wouldn't hurt to just tag a cat along, and put her in a cage, while we roam around looking at the other cats right? ya, it's that simple.

So we arrived early morning at SACC Mall, Shah Alam, on the 21st December 2008 registered in, checked by a vet, and put her in a cage. So that was it. I'd have to say, there's the feeling of inferiority for bringing a typical 'kucing kampung'. But we were there, and whatever it is, it won't hurt anyhow. Yes, as predicted, Bintang was moody. She sat at a corner and was not entertaining our play invites.

She just had to prove her point...

Being it a 1st time, we had difficulties leaving her alone in the cage, so we ended up taking turns accompanying her. Yes, I know she's just a typical cat which can be found on the streets or alleys, but the love that we have for her is definitely no typical. It's her 1st time being in such an alienated situation, and it's our first time putting her in such a condition. She's a living creature with awareness, and I didn't want her to feel alone, in danger, neglected or whatsoever, thus, we took turns sitting by her cage, so she was not left on her own for too long.

Well, to cut the story short, Bintang did well. To our surprise, she placed 1st in the Non Pedigree Kitten K6 Shorthair Category. And on top of that, Bintang was also chosen as Best Non Pedigree Shorthair. What a delight!

"There I won the prize, can I sleep now??" And so she slept...
....and slept.
We spent the whole day there. Poor Bulan, he had to stay home on his own. He was neutered about 2 weeks ago, and his fur hasn't fully grown back yet, so he had to stay home. It's ok Bulan, Bintang brought home new toys for you....

Bintang and the prize she took home with her...
For the day, a special thanks to a cat lover namely Pakcu =), for all the help that he has offered. It was a tiring day, for us and I suppose for Bintang as well... However, we enjoyed it, and we look forward for the next catshow, if not as a participant, we'll at least pay a visit.


Juz Call Me Sharz said...

what condition must have for a cat going to cat show??
am wondering??

LoVe said...

I don't exactly know the right answer for that per se... but I can tell you what I do with my cats.

I only do very basic things for my cats, they're all non-pedigrees so going there's just for fun. owh, if you have pedigree cats for show, then I'm not the best person to ask =), I wouldn't know much, am still just reading on that.

Vaccinations should be up to date, and cat must be healthy in any way at the time of the show.

Cats must be clean and well groomed. This include the ear & nose, claws clipped so they won't scratch people. I bathe my cats once a week when they're going for show, but other times hehehe.. probably once in 2 weeks or even in 1 month, but I make sure they don't have access to wet or dusty places.

Cat should be a people-friendly cat, and to a certain extent should also be able to tolerate other cats. My cats are not too people friendly, since I'm nearly the only human they live with. and most of them cannot tolerate other cats. So when I go, I have to choose which one I think would behave better.

that's all I have in my head at the moment, it has been quite a while since the last cat show, I'll keep you posted. do you plan on having your cats participate? it's a lotta fun!

Juz Call Me Sharz said...

hehe...juz want to know myb next tyme i'll participate...
thank for d info..