Sunday, December 28, 2008

Bintang's spaying

We had initially planned to have Bintang spayed on the 19th December, so I can be home everyday during her recovery. But we later decided to delay her spaying to participate in the cat show. I wasn’t sure of their actual age, thus where possible I shouldn’t delay their neutering, moreover, I had been advised that they are at a suitable age to be neutered. So, as it was with Bulan, Bintang had to fast from 10 am the night before. This is not so hard on me, as Bintang is not a big eater. She seldom ask for food. By 9 am, we were already at the Klinik Kembiri, left her there, and she was done by about 11.30 am. It cost me RM70 instead of the expected RM60 for a female cat. Because...surprisingly Bintang was on heat. Oh my!! I didn't see any sign of that. She really has grown.

As soon as we got home, I tried putting E-collar on her, that is before she regained her full strength as I suppose it'd be easier. But I was wrong, as it wasn't easy, she didn't like it (of course), and rigorously moved around to get it off. So I figured, I'd just let her rest and put it on later, as I didn't want to tire her even more, she's had enough with the procedure. and so she rested.

1st pic after we got home

Bintang resting for the rest of the day
She was fully awake by that evening, she looked weak but it was as if she demanded to be released from the cage. She knocked down the dish bowl, she knocked down the litter box and the towels covering the floor of the cage were everywhere. Errmmm...a very bad timing for the E-collar...well she wasn't bothered about her wound at all, she was so occupied with escaping the cage. So the dish bowl had to be out, the litter box had to be out. I cleaned after the mess as she watched. Then I tried to put the E-collar on her...BUT she made it clear that she did not want it.

She ate well, but drank less, maybe because of the wetfood I was giving her. Bintang is like a darling princess....As we call her Bintang the Princess...she's sweet and soft in her action, but if you get in her nerves..She'll show you just how much she's not liking it..

Overall, she was doing well..except for the E-collar. She hated it so much, I figured that maybe she wouldn't be bothered by the wound. As I did with Bulan, I pulled a mattress next to her cage, and slept there....However, I was awakened by Bintang at around 3 am, as she was pulling and biting hard on the bandage of her wound. Then I had no choice, but to force her into the E-collar...It was definitely not easy...Anyhow, I got her in the E-collar and she eventually fell asleep...that was a relief as I was extremely exhausted....

Bulan had been very nice to accompany Bintang along with me. And he was very cooperative of Bintang with the E-collar, which means...he wasn't cooperating with ME!! As I was trying to neatly tie up the E-collar, Bulan was on the other side of the cage, tugging on the strings.....That's Bulan our Mafia.... Still, adorable enough, he slept next to me till morning...

Day 2
I guess out of boredom, Bintang occasionally show something of a tantrum. She would scratch and pull on the towels covering the floor of the cage. And that means, other than herself and a few small toys, no other things can be placed inside the cage with her. I have learned that she enjoys soft toys and feathery toys the most, but I can't place that in the cage with her, as she likes to jump, run around, throwing it everywhere...Well actually I tried, and it made her realize that she was confined, and as the E-collar gets in her way while playing, she gets even more irritated. So, accompanying her in the cage was a small mouse and a small ball, not feathery and not so soft.

Here's Bulan accompanying her. He didn't mind being inside, BECAUSE he needs a friend to play rough with.

As I have mentioned, the litter box, can't be placed in the cage, as she would knock it down. When she needs it, she knows to meow and call me for it, and being a princess, she also spread her paws out to have them cleaned by ME. Of course, there were times, when I couldn't avoid going out, meaning, I had to leave a litter box in with Bintang, as I wouldn't be around if she calls for the litter box. And upon my return, I would be sure to find the box had been knocked down.

Sitting elegantly...

'Here is my paw, now you clean it.'

Day 3 It had occurred to me that the bandage on Bintang's wound would eventually need to be removed. I made a call to the clinic and asked about it. I was advised to remove it, at most after a few days. It would be more difficult to remove once her fur starts growing out. And to ease the removal, they suggested using baby oil.

I went out to make a purchase of the baby oil and immediately worked on it. It was NOT easy. It took me like 3 hours and all the while I held a lump in my throat. and the moment I got it done, I cried for her. She was doing fine, she slept well, and no signs of being hurt at all, but I was emotionally disturbed. I know, it's such a small matter to have a cat spayed, I just couldn't help but be frightened for her. I really hope that I've done the right things for her, for them, the both of them.

Anyhow, the bandage was off. I hope she heals soon.

Bintang sleeping while and through as I worked on getting the bandage off.

Day 4
I often left the door of the cage opened, she seemed to understand that she had to stay, so she wouldn't step out as long as I was there next to her, maybe because she knew I would stop her from going out anyhow. I went out for a few minutes, but I forgot to latch the door to her cage. Upon my return, I saw her on the scratching pad...Owh..then it occurred to me, maybe she missed that, so I took it into her cage and she played with it inside, and Bulan later joined her in the cage. I guess she wanted to tell me that she was done playing and I was to remove the scratcher from the cage. She pushed and pulled as if trying to turn it upside down, so I took it out. Immediately she landed in the middle of the cage and slept...

Day 5
Bintang was left at home on her own, as I had to take Bulan for a vet visit due to diarrhea.

It looked like, she didn't enjoy being home alone.

Day 6-
I let Bintang out for a while to walk around, but before I knew it..there was Bintang lying on her back and Bulan licking on her wound. Aiyyyaaaa!!! who is to blame?? me! It's never gonna be them.

Her wound was nearly dried up, but because Bulan had helped her licked on it, it has become reddish and so I think it would take some time to dry up again.

It's a pity that I had confined Bintang for a few extended days, while she herself seemed to be ready to go out and play. So once in a while I'd let her out, and as an exchange for her freedom, Bulan had to be caged or I'd need to fully supervise them if both were let free.

Bintang demonstrating her boredom

When she was let free..

Bulan's freedom exchanged for Bintang's...He wonder why??

Unfortunate for Bintang, her wound wasn't healing well.... I caught a scene of Bulan licking on Bintang's would whilst Bulan was outside of the cage and Bintang lying at the very side of the cage from inside. Hmmm...that's what we call cooperation... and therefore..Bintang had to be caged for an extended no. of days...But because she HATES the cage... for the extra week it took for her wound to heal...Bulan was the 1 who had to be caged daytime, when I wasn't home... Poor Bulan, but he had been a very good boy... he patiently sat and waited for me to release him once I get home.... a solution to tipped litter box & dish bowl by Bintang...

After a long 2 more cage and no more e-collar... Back to their normal happy life.... Bintang must be glad it's all over, AND Bulan must be GLAD that Bintang has recovered, so HE gets his full freedom...