Friday, December 19, 2008


I had decided to have Bintang participate in the upcoming cat show which will be held in SACC Mall, Shah Alam. It is a last minute decision, we'll just go for fun. At the thought of it, here are somethings for grooming purposes. These are limited according to my knowledge. I'm sure there are more, but I have yet to learn about all of them.

Regular Shampoo
I simply grabbed this from a supermarket because it was the only one I saw.
Cat Flea Shampoo
When I first took Bulan and Bintang in, they had fleas all over, I used this (just grabbed it from Carrefour) and found it to be effective. Till now, I keep 1 with me, just in case the need arise
Claw Trimmer
I don't use this often, as both Bulan and Bintang don't really like it. Other than that, I like looking at their clear, shining, sharp, pointed claws.

Nail File??
*New* don't know if it's a need or an extra. But I'm thinking that I should use this as well for the sake of the cat show.

Eye Wash
*New* Bintang has something called a tear stain, more on the left eye. I've just read a little on tear stain. Will need to do more reading on that.

Ear Wash
*New* Somehow Bintang's ear is not as clean as Bulan's. Asked the vet about it, they seem to think that Bintang is just the type of cat who can't take care of herself, i.e. the eyes and the ears.

*New* I guess this is what should be used on them. The FURminator had been left behind at their other home. So I had to get something for combing, only to find this as being more suitable for daily use. At least, I think so.