Monday, December 1, 2008

2nd Vaccination

Tuesday 25 November 2008

Went for their 2nd vaccination today. Cost me RM60.00. Hope this week goes well for them. I've prepared raw chicken for them, in case they go moody and decide not to eat kibbles.

As suggested by the vet, I shouldn't delay spaying/neutering, contraceptives are not 100% guaranteed, duh!!! So Bulan is scheduled to be neutered next week on the 3rd of December. Hope all goes well. Bintang will later be scheduled to be spayed most earliest on the 18th of December. She will be given her 3rd contraceptive pill, to prevent her from calling in strays to mate with her, perhaps???

Bintang after vaccinated.
NO, I didn't put her there. That's just her usual spot.

Bulan sleeping after vaccinated.
This is one of his most usual sp
ot for sleeping.
On my study table in between a p
rinter and a box.
Unlike their 1st vaccination, this time around, it's been much better. They slept, seemed a bit weak in the afternoon. And by night time, walah!!! as usual, they ran all over the place and turned everything upside down. Yeah, despite of the mess that I shall be cleaning after, I'm happy that they're fine =).