Thursday, December 4, 2008

Neutering Bulan

As a preparation for Bulan's neutering, he had to fast from 10 pm the night before. No food, no drinks. It was a challenge for me because Bulan is usually faster when it comes to food. the moment I wake up in the morning, he'd immediately head for the dish bowl. Although Bintang is the one who works hard to get me awake, Bulan would never fail to reach the dish bowl first. Today, as it is like any other day, he woke up upon seeing me sitting up and straight away head for the dish bowl, which are no longer in place.... I'm so sorry baby Bulan, no food this morning. My heart hurt hearing his meowing, I knew he was asking for food.

And so were were at the Klinik Kembiri at 9.00 am. Mr Krishnan estimated that he will be done by 10.30 am. We left him there to get other matters settled, I felt so reluctant to let him alone, but he was put in the room where the operation would take place. So we wouldn't be able to see him anyway.

We came back at exactly 10.30 am, and he wasn't done yet. He was done at about 11.30 am. While waiting, we got the chance to witness dogs being carried away from the DBKL van, I wonder where they were caught from. I'm scared of dogs in general and have never gotten near dogs (well I did once), but I can definitely differentiate a dog's sad cry compare to other barks, and you can see it in their face. As I heard, they would eventually be put to sleep.

Bulan was awake, when he got out. Maybe I was a bit emotional, but he did look a bit sad. Was it the procedure? Or was it me leaving him there on his own for several ours? Or was it plainly because he was still sedated. Whatever it is, the emotion got into me. I'm just doing whatever is best, I'm sorry if it wasn't or if he doesn't think so. I also purchased an e-collar, just in case he licks...After all, it is his usual self to lick himself, even on the slightest dirt. Then home we go, and that is the beginning of Day 1 post-operative care.

This pic was taken when we 1st got home. He could only move the top half of his body, and yet he was already trying to get out of the cage. He then slept all day.