Sunday, December 28, 2008

Wetfood vs Dryfood

Due to Bulan's diarrhea experience, I have decided to change their wetfood. They have been feeding on Whiskas, Bintang hasn't had any problems. But because it doesn't seem to be suitable for Bulan, I'd just switch anyhow. So while Bulan is on prescribed diet, Bintang will be fed Natural Balance canned food.
She initially refused to eat, I guess she was expecting Whiskas instead. Then as she yawned, I put some in her mouth, and only after that she started eating...I'm glad for that. As for Bulan, I'm sure he won't mind =).

I've been reading around and asking around as well...According to some, dry food is their main course, while for others wet food is the choice, to cut cost? Dry food can be as expensive as wetfood. That is, referring to premium food. I guess what matters is the content of the food given to them. So, thinking after thinking and on and on I go.......

I'm still doing further reading on Innova EVO, I will stick with Blackwood, and I'll have them try Orijen.

While Bintang is recovering she'll be given Natural Balance canned food, I'll need to do futher reading on wet food. While that, I'll just stick with steamed or boiled chicken as their weekly treat.