Saturday, November 29, 2008


I was accompanying a friend of mine to PJ for some matters. We stopped for ACE hardware as I had been looking for catnip seeds. I was told that it could be found in ACE hardware, but I failed to spot any in ACE hardware Midvalley or IKANO. Gladly it was available in PJ.
  • RM3.50 x 3 = RM10.50

I don't have the time for planting yet. So this is to be continued...


Juz Call Me Sharz said...

i was damnly searching this cat grass.. its not available at ACE hardware also..
and other famous pet shop...
where did u buy it??
help me..

LoVe said...

people were saying they bought it in ACE hardware. So that's the only place I know where to look for. I stopped at every ACE hardware that I saw, and tadaaa found those in PJ. other than that, sorry am not too sure myself. good luck tho!

aiyya.. I haven't planted these and for that matter I don't know where I placed them anymore. huhuhu.. so much for being busy.

If you want, they also have cat grass in petshops like Petsmore, but it's not exactly like these.

Juz Call Me Sharz said...

PJ which area???
coz i go to sunway and midvalley and didn't find any cat grass..

LoVe said...

actually I'm not very familiar with PJ area. but at the time I was heading to Dataran 3 Two, and I saw ACE hardware in a complex that was on a side of the road so we stopped by.

Dataran 3 Two is in sec 19, so that ACE hardware is somewhere there, probably like 5 - 10 mnts drive from Dataran 3 Two. I hope you get the idea, I'm weak with directions, map just don't fit in my head. hehehe..