Thursday, May 27, 2010

BULAN has left us. and this is forever.

I have noted that many have been visiting us this past few days.  And I'm sorry that I'm not ready to talk.  He's gone. and I'm not used to saying that yet.

Dear m.q.,
BULAN is ok now.  and eternally, he will be ok.

Dear nadyazgal,
he did respond to treatment, but..... guess it was time.

Dear Kak lia,
thanks for your support kak. Nana dpt rs akak faham

Dear Meowwmania,
I think he is all healthy over there.

Dear Crystal,
I think you've heard the news and perhaps the story too. thanks, dear.

Dear si tEDI,
I think, now, dia akan sihat selama2nya..

Dear lupie,
thanks. *sigh* what more can I say. I knew prognosis was poor to grave.  Actually, grave, but I believe the vet made it sound better by adding 'poor' to it.  I suppose I was hopping for a miracle, but didn't want to say it out.  unfortunately miracles don't work that way.

Dear Blackie,
yups, the reality that i'm still trying to live in.  the news that I have yet gathered enough strength to spread, what more to talk about it.

thanks to those who have been supportive and understanding.  I'll be updating when I'm ready.

But to those, who are here to tell me that, 'he was just a cat'.  YOU CAN GET OUT OF HERE, BECAUSE YOU'RE JUST A HUMAN AND I DON'T MIND LOSING YOU FROM MY LIFE!


m.q said...

be strong.
bulan is happy now..i'm sure

rip bulan

sI tEDI said...

Oh My !


kawan-kawan dengan Da Utih dan Dak Kimo okey!
Mereka baik macam Bulan juga!
Jangan gaduh-gaduh okey!

Peluk cium untuk Bulan dan semua!

Rehat dengan tenang!!

kita semua jumpa di Padang masyar nanti!!

Jul's said...

akak dapat RASA dan akak FAHAM sbb akak pernah "berdiri" di tempat Nana sekarang 2x dlm tempoh x sampai sebulan 2 thn yg lepas (Oyen & CheeWy).

Bg akak, Bulan, CheeWy & Oyen bukan sekadar kucen....

be strong k...!!

nadyazgal said...

Deepest condolences for u nana. :(( I'm so touched reading this post. I can't imagine how I'd react if my Cibol left me. Be strong girl.. Bulan will certainly be happy there and surely Bulan will miss you always. You did ur best and U've been a wonderful owner to Bulan.. Rest in peace Bulan..

meowwmania said...

mmg sedih :(

kuatkan semangat yer...

LoVe said...

Dear all,

thanks for your kind words.

m.q.: Yup, I really hope BULAN is happy now.

sI tEDI: InsyaAllah. mesti mereka2 sume gembira bermain2 di sane kan.

kak lia: thanks s'sgt. akak tau, rasa nak b'henti utk terus menyayangi pun ade. Sebab takut sgt utk melalui sakit yg mcm ni. ikut kata tunang Nana, hakikatnya ktorang akan lalui bende yg same sebanyak 8 kali lagi.

nadyazgal: thanks, dear. yup, that's what I used to say to people. I couldn't imagine. and really it had been beyond my imagination. I'm still taking my time. I'll be updating soon regarding this whole thing and also the import-export thing.

meowwmania: thanks. masih dlm proses mengumpul kekuatan. Pedihnya hati bila tgk muka stp sekor kucing yg lg 8 tu, lg2 BINTANG. (nak taip/ckp no 8 tu pun rs pilu sgt).

lupie said...


Han Su Rii said...

condolences to u.

i hate people who say: "ala, kucing je pon..." jgn tlalu merendah2 kn haiwan kesayangan nabi. takut kerananya kita ke neraka.