Sunday, February 7, 2010

One fine weekend..

I had them all placed in a cage to mop their room.... It made me realize 9 cats, is actually a big number... They behaved and I quickly did my work, then eventually them roam freely in my living room... They took their spot and stayed put.. weellll.... except for BULAN. He didn't like it, and he growled whenever a cat that was in touch with him, budged even a bit. Se how he's the only one standing up.

MJ is on the right at the back and BULAN was actually sitting on him, but he didn't mind.

BINTANG wanted to sit up, but because BULAN would growl, she stayed quietly at her spot. Her spot was behind DONNA, while MJ was behind BINTANG.

See BINTANG, laying on DONNA's back. DONNA and SUNNY was fine with their space, although SUNNY was actually following my camera.

SUNSHINE made do with her space, and BELLA sat nicely next to her. Look at YUMIEKO at the back!
YUMIEKO couldn't care less about the others as she got her comfortable spot at the corner.
Poor MICHIKO, he had to stay still as BULAN kept on growling at him.. it didn't even bother him that SUNNY's tail was on him.
he didn't mind when SUNNY was on top of him!

and he comfortably placed his head wherever space was available...
but the whole time, BULAN maintained his sitting up position...