Saturday, November 15, 2008

Hair Dryer??

Call me nuts if you wish. I'll still be on the go once I find useful information. Someone had said that it is suggestible to use a hair dryer on cats rather than let them dry out in the sun. Bulan and Bintang are not allowed outside at all. After a bath, wipe them off with a towel, cuddle up and sleep together till they're nearly dry. They'll go off on their own to dry themselves once they are not as cold anymore. But a hair dryer?? never thought of that, cause even I don't have and don't use a hair dryer. But now I know so here it is....@ RM24.90 from Carrefour.

Unfortunately, I need to struggle hard to get them dried with this. They're not use to the sound of it. Bintang being scared, turn her back towards the dryer so I can blow the back of her with ease. Bulan being the brave one, would start a fight with the dryer, I'd cover the head so he can't see the dryer, I'm sure he likes the warmth, he'd stay quiet letting me dry his whole body, unless the towel drop and his eyes catch the sight of the dryer then he would start his fight.