Tuesday, September 29, 2009

SUNSHINE gave birth!

On the 18th September..... Sunshine gave birth to 4 kittens. It was what I had feared most.... If she was really pregnant (ok no more denial...she really was pregnant), I had hoped that she would not give birth before Raya. On 17th September, I told myself, gosh, if she wanted to give birth, she should've done it earlier, so that we have time to adapt and think of what to do with her before I go off for Raya. So on the 17th September, I calculated that she had been with me exactly 2 months as of 18th September. Gestation is about 2 months or so? about 64 days? huhu... I hoped that I wasn't in trouble, because I was going off for Raya last flight on the 18th and Sunshine was to go for boarding.

It was about 5 am, when I heard her loud meows from the room, and I knew it was it. I'll not go into the details but she was done by 6.15 am. Orangy at 5 am, tabby like at 5.15 am, bicolor-greywhite at 5.30, and whole black at 6.15. Phew... she did it all by herself. Thank God no complication or problems.... she and her babies were sent for boarding and now safely back with me.