Thursday, October 1, 2009

MICHIKO neutered?-just my babbling-

MICHIKO neutered? Yes, he is neutered. By why? Errmmm...

It had been kinda controversial (nah I'm exaggerating....) when it comes to MICHIKO neutered. Well, here is to clarify, reason it out, make myself feel better, and get rid of guilt or whatever it may be.

Yes, he's neutered, and yes I sent him to, just because I want him to be neutered. There's no reasonable reason and I 'just' want him to be neutered. It's a preference that I have for my cats.

So what say you?
It's not humane. I'm being selfish for wanting to keep one for myself only. It's a sin. It's a stupid act for neutering him, as I can get more of his cuteness. There's just nothing reasonable. Isn't it.

Well, I believe it's a difficult concept to accept. It was for me in the beginning, so I can understand and thus when I don't feel like it, I just keep it to myself, smile and let you think whatever you want to. Why? Because before you get the concept, there's lots to argue and debate about and if I just don't feel like going through all that, I'll keep quiet. It's all about insight peoples. If you have it, you have it, if you don't then you just can't be helped.

I do feel bad when people throw things like that towards me. all those stuff about not being humane, selfish for not sharing his cuteness, a sin that it may be, they get into me and make me think twice... I try to keep my head up, as I've decided that for my cat after considering risks and benefits and really I intend it for the welfare of the cat.

BUT if you could just give it some thoughts then just maybe you'll understand. Frankly speaking, I love my cats but I haven't reached the level of some cat lovers, so for the time being I just want the best for my cats.

Before I proceed with this babbling, you gotta first put this in mind. When I talk about my cats, it doesn't refer to just the word 'cat', it refers to my loved lil ones. When I talk about loving my cats, it doesn't refer to just the word 'love'.

Think of loving a person. A person can be your mom, dad, sibling, significant other, friends, teachers, colleagues, doctors, strangers, and so so on... and do u 'love' them all the same? It's still love, but is it the same? Now think 'cat'.

Many claim to love their pets. Some love their cats like I do, some probably even more (ermmm....maybe not..hihihi...) and others love their cats, but think I'm just going overboard with mine. Why the difference? Because you just don't get it. Now do you get it?

~~to be continued~~