Saturday, October 3, 2009

KIKI attacked by 6 huge dogs.

I haven't introduced them here.. but here are TIGER (calico left side) & KIKI (mostlywhite on right side)

It's Saturday morning, which means I would still be in bed by 8 am or even beyond that =). However, I got a call from my mom at about 8 am, telling me that KIKI had been admitted to the vet. I was surprised of course, a lot of things ran to my head as I asked her , 'why?'. My thoughts were simple, she might've eaten something wrong therefore vomit or diarrheal, she went outdoor and probably ate grass that had been treated, or she could've injured herself from playing or jumping around. I thought those were bad enough reasons to get treated for.

To my horror suprise, she told me that KIKI had been attacked by 6 huge dogs. I would say my mom was probably kidding, but are you crazy to be kidding about such things?!!

At home there are two cats KIKI and TIGER (which I shall introduce here soon). They're both kept in doors, but of course they're so curious about outdoor as anyone would be, if you're seldom allowed out. So they would take the chance to go out, if they find the any window or doors open. then they would run round teasing you as you chase after them. Irritatingly they may even go on the road right in front of the house, rolling on the road ( I guess because we didn't have that kind of rough surface in door), eyeing at whoever it was that was given the task to chase after them.

Anyhow, this morning KIKI managed to go out, without anyone noticing, and the gate to the house was wide open (due to some construction work going on at the back of the house), enabling anything to go in and out, KIKI out and dogs going in perhaps. Mom was in the kitchen, when she heard noises and saw KIKI running to the backyard, chased by 6 huge dogs. She aimed to climb up a manggo tree that we had at the back of the house (smart KIKI), and my mom witnessed the dogs pulling her back down with their paws. Without any second thoughts, my mom screamed and ran for KIKI and just grabbed her into safety, may I add without even thinking that it was actually 6 huge dogs. Fortunately the dogs halted any movement as they heard my mom screaming out. and so immediately KIKI was taken to the vet, and had to be left there until this afternoon so that they can have a thorough check up on her injuries.

She was still conscious, she was angry and frightened (a good sign I hope, at least she still had the energy to express that) and her obvious injury was a 2 inch cut on the side of the tummy, exposing flesh. Errr.... I hope that's enough. But according to mom, the vet's gonna shave her and see if there's any bites, because bites would puncture a whole-like cut, and thus it would be deeper, but less obvious.

This is such a horror story that never in my head would've existed until today. I hope for KIKI's best well being. My sister hasn't been told, and we're gonna have to make sure the news don't reach her anytime soon or perhaps even later 'cause it's not gonna be pretty.

Errrmmm..... We wondered.... where in the world did these big dogs came from? There are stray dogs in the housing area but usually they hang out many blocks away from our house. And there are soooooo many stray cats around, and never before did we witness any cat chased like that or even attracted the dogs to come. and what did the dogs intend to go with KIKI? what a horror suprise for my Saturday morning.


Sasau said...

I had a cat named Sumo. He was attacked almost the same way asKiki , but my beloved Sumo died, right infront of me. :(

LoVe said...

Oh dear, I can't imagine so, sorry for your lost. I never thought things like this actually happen. And here are Kiki and Sumo, telling us that things happen. Calling for extra measures for the safety of our loved lil ones. Surely Sumo is in a better place now. Hope you've moved on with even greater love for your cats. and if not, do grieve for him, I believe time heals. though it may be long '_'.