Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Earsss

When I got SUNSHINE, she always had this mite problem with her ear.... Well I think it's mites, because her ears were always filled with this dark~black colored dirt, and although I cleaned them for her every single day, by the next day, her ears looked like they haven't been attended to for months... Before she had her kittens, I think I had that settled cleared out, I cleaned her ears every single day using this EARriffic cleaner. But after her kittens were about 3 weeks old, I think it came back and the four kittens were having the same problem. By this time, SUNSHINE was going bald!

So what I did was cleaned their ears with
EARriffic and alternately with this other cleaner Ears care, which I think works more gentler.

For SUNSHINE, I used a few drops of the
Frontline Combo Spot On. It was difficulty to aim into her ears but I had to try, her ears turned warm and she was scratching like she wanted to take her ears off! and ewww... a tiny (actually big, considering that it came out of her ears) chunk of clumping black thingy came out!

SUNSHINE'S ears improved, but the kittens were still having it. Went to the vet and got Surolan. And their ears improved...

The kittens and SUNSHINE were eventually placed in a room with the 4 seniors. and I was so busy that I didn't realize the ears problems came back... and even worse it seemed like it had spread to BINTANG, MICHIKO and YUMIEKO (oh yes BULAN somehow didn't catch it). I knew it when I cleaned their ears each day, but the next day, their ears really was dirty as if I hadn't cleaned them at all. So I used Frontline Combo Spot On on them, cleaned with Earrific and Ear cares alternately, then a final touch with Surolan.

For whatever reasons, it wasn't wroking with improving their ears' condition, maybe they've become resistant to all that I was using. So when those ran out, I used the Frontline Spray.. Well, I had to keep trying and since I didn't have time to go out and had a Frontline Spray around, I made do with it. I'd soak cotton buds with it and used them to clean their ears. And was I glad that it helped!

Now, their ears have improved and I'm currently using this Elexer for their routine ear cleaning work. This is claimed to work gently as the ingredients are natural. Apparently the ones that are meant for mite treatment (such as the EARrific) would be too harsh because of the chemical content which would cause irritations. So far so good, and it smells good too =).