Sunday, December 13, 2009

13 Dec 2009 SACC mall

And on the 2nd day, it was attended by BULAN and MICHIKO.

BULAN ranked 2nd in his category. I think he heard me promised to BINTANG that yesterday was gonna be her last show, and hence BULAN wanted this to be his last show too... He was so so so moody.. but he managed to rank 2nd... (hihihihi... that's because there were only 2 cats competing in his category)

He was just so arrogant

Even worst (than BINTANG) I had to take him to the judge and back to his cage

As if he would cared about the prize

MICHIKO ranked 2nd in his category.. He still looked frightened, but he did better than yesterday, Although towards the end of the day, he did got tired of the crowd that he didn't want to face them anymore.

I didn't realize he could stand that tall, because he has actually grown!

Such an innocent looking lil thing

No more shows for Bulan and Bintang.... as a matter of fact, I wonder ii we would make it to anymore shows before we move next year.