Monday, December 14, 2009

cont. BULAN's voice

So we went to the vet..

my complaints as of Monday 14/December 2009 were:

I noticed a change of voice on Friday, in which his meowing didn't sound like him at all.
Then on Saturday, it seemed like he was loosing his voice. But Sunday, his voice was coming back, but still it sounded different from his actual meows. He was noted to be kind of quiet (in terms of meowing) in the past week. Other than that, everything else had been very normal.

So the vet checked for any blockage down his throat, (in case he swallowed anything inedible and it got stuck there) and also looked out for inflammation or infection. He is not down with fever. So with the vet's examination and my reporting, it is most likely nothing serious. Possibly some kind of inflammation, which may have been getting better, because no obvious inflammation was noted and that I reported his voice was kinda coming back. So from what the vet said, seems like it's just something like our sore throat, and hence can go away on its own, or with meds, and in his case, it seems to be going away on its own.

If the change of meows remains the way it is, then possibly its just behavioral/psychological... could be attention seeking or reaction to the presence of the kittens, etc....

Well, I hope this is really the case. BULAN oh BULAN....