Sunday, December 13, 2009

cont. BULAN'S voice...

We had returned from the catshow, and I've just checked the feedback I got (from a site that I'm a member of)... No one can seem to suggest much, thus the question mark is still big. But no one said that it's definitely nothing. So I'm so so so worried now, that I'm thinking of taking him to the vet tomorrow (but I need to think of how to get away from work.... I'm a student, so I can't just take leave without risk of getting marks cut off).

Indications, included change of voice, low volume, losing voice perhaps?

few findings from googling suggested of ruling out a list of possible problems/suggestions on what probably needs to be done:
-laryngitis or pharyngitis due to bacterial or viral causes.
-trauma, foreign bodies, bruising, polyps, or even cancer
-upper respiratory virus
-x-ray to check for asthma and masses in the chest area
-feline heartworm test: which may cause coughing, gagging, choppy breathing/purring and a change in voice
-thyroid tests

so basically there are a lot of possibilities... and as I keep on reading and reading and reading... I think I'll just end up in tears... oh my BULAN, whatever it is please hang in there.. and let it be nothing at all... I'm so tempted to walk in for emergency treatment now, but at this moment in time it seems not in place to go at this hour since he looks perfectly fine...

Oh yeah, we attended the cat show, which was vetted and I asked about this to the vet yesterday and today (today, the vet even had a look at him), they suggested nothing to worry much on.. which kinda made me feel better for a moment there...

I'm hoping for everything to be ok, thus trying to look at all the positive component of this condition, despite of that my worry keeps on adding in, as I know I'm only trying to make myself feel better.

Gonna have a good look at him, then do some of my work so that I can present myself well for work tomorrow (so that I can go off much earlier to go to the vet). *deep breaths*