Wednesday, April 7, 2010


phew! glad it was a bad dream.  It's 4 am on a Wednesday morning, I was suppose to stay up and finish some work since its the end of the semester and due dates are just around the corner.  Instead I guiltily indulged myself to sleeping.  I had MICHIKO with me in reality because he was meowing and he ran out of the room as I left their room, so I let him hang out in my room while I took my so called nap.  By 2 am, my other half was giving me wake up calls, as I was not suppose to sleep in the first place, but sleep was just the only thing I wanted to do.


Suddenly I heard my parents came home with groceries, I continued sleeping and later when I decided to wake up.  I realized my 8 cats were not around. Turned out as my parents were taking the groceries in, they had left the door open and supposedly that's when the cats must've gone out.  So immediately me, husband, sis and bro went down to look for them it was in the evening near dawn.  Somehow, I was staying on the 4th floor of a 2 building apartment each with 2 blocks.  So we started looking from the ground floor, 1st thing 1st look for around if any of them actually fell and didn't make it.  We didn't see any and hence there was hope.  Some friendly people joined us to help, and some decided not to when I couldn't answer them properly.

their Q: what color is your cat.
my ans: black & white, calico, whole black, fully orange, another calico, creamish...
their respond: oh dear, make up ur mind!!
me: couldn't be bothered to even explain myself!

Anyhow the search went on.  We've gone up from ground to the fourth floor of the 1st 2 blocks.  There were cats around, but none was mine.  As we were heading to the next building, I looked back and there was a black cat so we went back to the 1st building.  And so the 1st one spotted was DONNA.  She was hanging out licking on herself, wet and injured as it seemed.  She looked fierce.  I had no idea how to tell whether that was her or not, but when I called on her, she came purring. and so yes it was her.  So I picked her up, that's when we realized we had no carrier with us, so I carried her by hand and the search went on.

next I saw BELLA .  She too looked sooo fierceful, I called her, she looked up but she didn't come to me...then at about the same time, my husband saw another BELLA. We couldn't decide (gosh why didn't we just pick them both up huh!).  So I said, move your index finger in front of her, she would usually bite.  My BELLA bit, but then this BELLA had blue eyes, and I was contemplating over whether BELLA's eyes were suppose to be blue or not. errm..

Then my husband said, his BELLA wasn't responding, "but SUNNY is the kind that would interrupt, wouldn't he?".  I looked and yesss it was SUNNY.  Then I realized, we had attracted soooooooo many cats to the scene.. ( haha... apparently it was a cat friendly neighborhood).  So I told EVERYONE to stay still while I look around among the cats.  I saw a few cats of YUMIEKO's color, so I wanted to be sure if YUMIEKO was there.  BUT as I finished saying out my sentence "everyone stay still, there are so many cats here now, let me look around..", a guy suddenly jumped out of excitement!! he said.. "Waaaaaaa!!! so many cats, this is fun!!"  OMG!!!!! all the cats fled off including our potential BELLA and SUNNY.  I think blood from the whole of my body rushed up to my brain!!  I wasss soooooooooooo angry....


that I woke up from my sleep. Ahhhhhhh!!!!! it's 4 am, and I've got work to do.. and there was MICHIKO by my door wanting to go out.  heeeeeee.... I took him back to their room, and counted that there are still 9 of them.  and realized I didn't at all mention MJ's color in my dream....heheeee... Goodness, that was horrible... Who was that guy???  he said it was fun??!! I can't imagine that happening in reality, I'll go nuts! now, now, back to reality, I've got work to do.. am just so glad that was really only a dream.